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Please explain - Braxton Hicks?!

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NTMummy059 Tue 07-May-13 20:38:21

Im 23 weeks pregnant and sometimes I get a funny feeling in my bump. Happens maybe once/twice a day for the last week or so and my bump hardens and I feel it harden but it also just feels, I don't know how to describe it, just strange?!
This is my first pregnancy, I have no clue what Braxton Hicks feel like or even if they happen this early?
I feel baby move (and kick me!) regularly but this feels different.
Sorry for the ramble! If not Braxton Hicks does anyone know what it could be?

BabyHMummy Tue 07-May-13 20:53:25

I am 25+2 and experiencing the same thing although has started to before more regular. I suspect from things friends have said we both have Braxton Hicks but am seeing my mw tomorrow so.will let you know.

If u r really worried ring ur antenatal clinic or mw for more advice

FoofFighter Tue 07-May-13 20:58:43

Classix BHs smile

Reebok Tue 07-May-13 20:59:03

Hello ladies, I'm 29 sounds like braxton hicks. I've been having them for the past month or so. As long as they don't last too long ie more than a minute or you don't have more than 4 in an hour, I wouldn't worry. If they are occurring too often within an hour though, call your midwife ASAP and get seen as it can be a sign of preterm labour. A trick to help you relax is...if it occurs when laying down, you may need to get up/change position/move around. If it occurs while walking, sit down. Dehydration can also aggravate it so drink water when it happens too. Again if these tips don't help, call your midwife. Better to be safe than sorry!

BabyHMummy Tue 07-May-13 21:04:55

Thanks reebok mine happen mostly when walking about so will try harder to keep hydrated. May need to try tena lady to contain the need to pee mind lol

NTMummy059 Tue 07-May-13 21:06:28

Thank you everyone! Was a bit worried until I thought it could be Braxton Hicks so you've calmed me down smile
It only lasts about 20-30 seconds each time and only once or twice a day so hopefully it's all normal!

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