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Travel System?

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beth27123 Tue 07-May-13 12:23:58

Hi all, little bit confused on choosing a pram/stroller/travel system for our upcoming baby, I want a parent facing one but with prices at £400-600 it just isn't reasonable for us at the moment (no flaming please). I love this product:
Travel System/?gclid=CLLx7o7wg7cCFYXItAodrlEAQg
But confused how it is used for a new born? Surely if you can't leave a child in the car seat past two hours it isn't any use to me? I'm so confused...the price is ideal but now I feel I've been dropped in the deep end...

HadALittleFaithBaby Tue 07-May-13 12:58:20

If you look, the stroller says you can do full lie back so baby can safely go in it from birth (I think!).

I found buying a travel system a real brain teaser. We went to Kiddicare and told them our budget and requirements (wheels needed to fit in a polo boot!) and they were brilliant. They showed us our option (on budget unlike Mothercare!) and let us 'test drive' the systems, push them round, put them up and down.

It's worth trying somewhere like that or an independent retailer before you make a definite decision.

Fairydogmother Tue 07-May-13 13:13:24

the one you mention seems suitable as it lies flat and thats the most important thing for a small baby.

another avenue i'd suggest to you is look at 2nd hand models such as uppababy, bugaboo etc as these can be got at significantly less than the new price. you'd just need to buy a new mattress for the carry cot bit.

i've bought mine through a small independent shop and i got about £100 off the RRP so dont discount wee places! plus i'm paying them off in installments until i collect the pram.

Teaandflapjacks Tue 07-May-13 13:41:10

Have a look at the prams forum on here - you can ask seasoned experts on their opinion. I did a huge amount of research before plumping for the BJCS - I needed a system that:-
Wheels up and down in one movement and fit in our smallish boot, fits a maxi cosi easily (ie with click in and out adaptors, not screw in and out ones, light carry cot, lie flat with actual seat (for when too big for carry cot, push with one hand (have a dog), handle bars go up and down with one click, not too heavy (DH away M-T), all terrain (ie not air filled tyres - no punctures) for walking in woods etc and good with snow (get a lot here in germany). We plan on having number two close to this once currentky cooking. This adapts to fit two children on it - downside it is far too heavy when number two is 6 months +with toddler, so would then need a double buggy option, but that is very minor for me - basically once number two is out of carrycot, we just get a double buggy OR we can buy the little platform with wheels that clips on the back of the BJCS for number one to stand on if tired depending on age gap. Oh and I wanted plenty of shopping space underneath - but not a huge thing to take round shops, since supermarkets here are more metro style - this has a really large space for your shopping.

If you go on to the forum and put in your requirements and say what your budget is and requirements, the ladies are really helpful.

I ended up spending more than I have planned - precisely because I found something that did everything I wanted, and will last me for number two as well.

If you like pricier models - often can get reconditioned or on ebay, or at NCT sales etc.

Good luck!!!

TinkyPeet Tue 07-May-13 14:04:17

I had one like that, graco but looked the same, was great at first but found once my dd got a bit bigger that the pushchair was too bulky and went for a stroller instead, this time round I have just bought a stroller suitable from newborn that lies flat (£40!) and getting a newborn insert to make it extra squishy and comfy, still have the carseat from the travel system to use in the car though x

ExpatAl Tue 07-May-13 17:46:03

I was going to get a bugaboo but am put off it now that Kate Middleton is getting one. Also, it seems very low down which isn't great for my 6.5 dh. What do people think of the maxi cosi? I love the uppa baby but can't imagine lugging it on and off public transport. Any ideas?

(OP, sorry to hijack your question!)

Ellypoo Tue 07-May-13 18:19:37

I've got the uppababy vista and its fab - dead light to push & put up & down, carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping, really nice the steer, can push with 1 hand, have taken it on buses a few times with no problems - can def recommend it, and I'm sure you can get one 2nd hand for a lot less than new. Also fits maxi cosi seat easily.

ReikiMummy Tue 07-May-13 19:30:54

Lol... we've just done this...
Plumped for the uppababy vista, my OH is rather tall (6ft+), and I'm on the 5ft 2" kinda end of things...

Quite liked some of the bugaboo gadgety features (removable wheels... "beach mode"!!??!!! etc), but preferred the vista as baby is higher up and closer to us.

Now even more glad we went for the uppababy if the Royal Duo have plumped for the bugaboo!! ;)

(Am not usually so bothered about what the Royals do, but how dare they have a baby in the same month as we are due!! ;) )

ExpatAl Tue 07-May-13 19:52:01

How do you guys find the uppababy for getting though shop doorways etc? A friend has one and it looks enormous.

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