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Look 6 months pregnant but actually only 6 weeks- is this normal with a second baby?

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DesparateHousewife83 Mon 06-May-13 19:07:40

Hi girls
We have just found out we are expecting our 2nd child and over the moon. We really want to keep it quiet until the 'safe zone' but in the last week (between 5 and 6 weeks) I have ballooned! I look 6 months pregnant at least. Is this normal? Is it a sign of multiples?
Help! I don't know how I'm going to keep this secret for muh longer!!

mikkii Mon 06-May-13 19:10:53

I didn't go into maternity clothes until 24 weeks with DS, but with DD1 it was 16. One of my clients had to tell her boss at 10 weeks with no. 2 as she needed to swap to maternity clothes. It definitely gives in easier second time around.

YouDontWinFriendsWithSalad Mon 06-May-13 19:11:21

I'm 10 weeks with my second and am also looking very round. I think I'm retaining water though. Apparently you do start to show earlier with your second but I'm not sure why.

Madamecastafiore Mon 06-May-13 19:12:32

It's normal for some people. With dc2 I went to Italy when 4 months and had people rolling on the floor with disbelief that I wasn't ready to give birth. Was pretty much like that from the get go too. A woman I met was at the same stage as me and the cow looked like me after a roast with a serving of pudding when I wasn't pregnant.

This time am 12 weeks and to be honest unless you really know me you wouldn't know I am pregnant at all. You would though believe I have had a boob job!

I think increased symptoms and earlier symptoms are actually more of a hint at multiples than size early on. Or that's what I was told last time when I thought dc2 must have been at least quads!

DesparateHousewife83 Mon 06-May-13 19:19:51

Thanks ladies! Feel a little reassured that's its normal. Shame I can't hide under big jumpers in this lovely sunshine... Just when you need a few snow days haha.
It's kind of nice to look pregnant having just done a test I guess as last time I didn't show until I was at least 6 months. I shall sit back and let nature take its course..!!
Thanks again for your replys xxx

Suzietwo Mon 06-May-13 19:26:00

i was huge with both pregnancies. by 6 weeks i was noticeably pregnant and larger than most having their 20 weekscan at 12 weeks. two v health (v late) babies.

AnythingNotEverything Mon 06-May-13 19:27:38

Ha - I with you OP! I was at a wedding the other day (I'm 16 weeks) and strangers kept asking when I was due. Fully in my maternity clothes now!

I popped out much sooner this time around, but around 14-15 weeks my bump noticeably lifted, which made some clothes more comfortable and some less so ...

2Labradors Mon 06-May-13 19:58:46

With my 2nd pregnancy I remember being in maternity clothes full-time at 12 weeks. I was diagnosed with IBS at 8 weeks pregnant.

The IBS has never left me unfortunately and I'm now 10 weeks pregnant with number 3 and I'm in mostly maternity clothes, well trousers, now. My stomach can balloon as the day goes on, I look 6 months pregnant by 6pm some days.

I think everyone is different. We haven't told the children yet that we're having another baby and luckily they don't seem to have noticed that I have a huge tummy sometimes.

yogafan Mon 06-May-13 20:48:03

I've been in maternity leggings since 6 weeks! SO comfy. Didn't show with first pregnancy until at least 14 weeks

Fakebook Mon 06-May-13 20:56:00

With my second I started showing at about 20 weeks and 25 weeks with the first. But there was a 4 year gap between them and my body was in better shape. My dc2 was born in jan 2012, and I was pregnant again by February 2013. I'm 13 weeks and look 5 months pregnant with my third.

DIYandEatCake Tue 07-May-13 15:11:02

I'm nearly 9 weeks with dc2 and looking definitely podgy round the middle. Not sure I'm 'showing' as such, but I've swapped to my comfy jeans and leggings and dresses as my tight jeans annoy me now. I'm keeping quiet til after 12 weeks too so have dug out some of the floaty tops I wore to hide my tummy after having dd, I just look fat in my regular tight tops (maybe something to do with all the crisps I've munched in the last few weeks...!)

Rowboat Tue 07-May-13 19:37:35

Yep, 7 weeks with dc2, look like i did at 16 with dd. its all up top though as everything inside has been pushed up. Find it v difficult to hide at work and I'm hyper aware. blush

cathpip Tue 07-May-13 20:22:50

6weeks with dc3and the maternity trousers are on, my friends find it hysterical, mind you I did the same with dc2. As for hiding it no chance, little girl in the supermarket on the weekend exclaimed to her mum " look mummy that lady has a baby in her tummy too"!!!

TheCatIsUpTheDuff Tue 07-May-13 21:37:15

I was in maternity clothes from week 13 - this is my first.

DSis was in maternity clothes from 5 weeks with her 4th pregnancy!

DesparateHousewife83 Tue 07-May-13 22:37:55

Cathpip you made me laugh out loud!
I need to dig out some floaty numbers I think. I'm mega superstitious and really don't want people to guess before we are ready to show a healthy scan photo! I think it going to be tough though...
Maternity leggings are on- (I do keep these handy for big Roast dinner days too! )
Thanks ladies glad to see it all seems perfectly normal, and I'm not alone in my effort to conceal..!
Big love xxxxx

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