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Gestational Diabetes and natural delivery

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malachismum Fri 19-May-06 14:03:31

I had a glucose test which has come back high and have to have the full test done. I was wondering, if this also comes back high is it likely that any thought of having my baby in a birthing unit led by midwives is out of the window? I was really hoping for a water birth. I know sometimes they have to induce you but if that doesnt happen can I still have the delivery I want?
Thanks, Im probably worrying over nothing.

mousiemousie Fri 19-May-06 14:06:38

my experience was that it depends on whether your problem is borderline or more than that, and also depends on the attitude of the hospital you go to - different hospitals round here have completely different protocols on this!!!

Needless to say I chose the hospital with the approach that suited me - this was the one with the waterbirth option!

lua Fri 19-May-06 14:10:41

I'm sure it will depend on your doc and hosp.
Unfortunately, in my case (I had to go insullin route) they did not let me have home birth...
But if I remeber correctly, they would had let me have a birth at the low risk suite until I went into insullin....
Hope you get your water birth!
To be honest after all the faff, they only got the sliding scale (the thing to control sugar during labour) on me, when DS was crowning due to the fact that mw was totally inexperienced!

pepperrabbit Fri 19-May-06 14:30:59

I think it'll depend on your glucose control - I've been diet controlled twice with GD and wouldn't have been allowed a home birth but as I didn't need insulin (and therefore a drip) I didn't need constant monitoring so a midwife birth unit would have been allowed.
I was induced in the end so was the full hospital job both times.
Remember though, it's up to you to agree to any induction - don't be bullied into delivering at 37 weeks or whatever just cos it's their "policy" if the baby is absolutely fine. Obviously at the first hint of a problem I would have agreed, but I held out for 41 weeks with DS1 and 39 weeks with DS2 and both were absolutely fine.
How many weeks are you? My DS2 is only 5 weeks old so most of my info is up to date if you want any help (or non-medical diet advice!)

hunkercaribou Fri 19-May-06 14:38:33

I had diet-controlled GD with DS2 and they kept threatening to induce me (from about 34 weeks) because growth scans showed him to be small.

However, he eventually arrived naturally, two days before they'd have induced me, and at 40+4.

One consultant told me that a waterbirth was out of the question even if I went into labour naturally, but I made him go and check with the head consultant who said it was OK - I'd had a previous waterbirth at the same hospital with no complications and I didn't see any reason why I'd not be able to have one this time round.

The only time they'd have not let me is if I'd been induced or if I'd needed IV insulin.

One thing - if you're planning to breastfeed, ask about expressing colostrum antenatally so that you can give that instead of formula if the baby's blood sugars don't rise quickly enough for the hospital. If you're interested I'll link to my thread about the saga I had with the hospital when DS2 was born and they wanted to give him formula (something I strongly wanted to avoid, and did).

Also, DS2 wasn't a waterbirth in the end, but his birth was a bit easier than DS1's (probably because he was a second baby, admittedly!) - but I just want you to know that even if you don't get a waterbirth, you can still have an excellent birth. Oh, and DS2 was 8lb 1oz, so he was hardly the tiny baby I'd been warned to expect!

Good luck with it. One good thing was that I lost half a stone in the fortnight following my diagnosis with GD so it's not all negative (even though it did feel a bit like it at the time!)

pepperrabbit Fri 19-May-06 14:45:03

oooh yes, I put on a whole stone less with DS2 than with DS1 cos I did the diet thing as soon as I found out I was PG. Was a complete PITA at the time but so worth it for the weight loss after . DS2 was 8lb 2oz so v similar to hunker's experience

sunnyside Fri 19-May-06 15:13:52

I know its not what you're hoping for but if you do have to be induced as I was you can still have the actual birth go ahead as normal if you see what I mean! I was in insulin IV and had syntocin but managed not to have any further intervention (felt that was quite enough!). I had my little boy and felt safe and secure, the hospital staff did their utmost to prevent any other mucking about and his arrival was as wonderful as I'd hoped. Incidentally the staff checked that we were both ok then left us alone DH, Ds and I so it just felt natural and lovely. Its a v long way from what many people call a natural birth but it was still great.

malachismum Fri 19-May-06 19:08:28

Thanks for your replys.hunkercaribou Id love the link to your site. As i say I might not have it but its good to know what to expect. Ill let you know my results, my full screening test is on Monday.

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