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20 +2 scan tomorrow hopefully find out the sex. nervous!

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looby222 Mon 06-May-13 16:11:53

Due my scan tomorrow feeling very anxious and overwhelmed fo be finding out the sex.. Mixed feelings scared etc... This is my first aged 24 just bought a house in the middle of moving.. Heads up my arse a bit tbh.

Any advice on how i should be dealing with all the emotion or is it completely normal.

PhieEl06 Mon 06-May-13 18:19:33

Probably not what you want to hear but be prepared not to be able to find out... Unless your having a private gender scan. With my NHS 20 week scan I couldn't find out because they couldn't see & was told that the scan wasn't there to find out the sex, I knew this but was ever so excited & when I got home was devastated, I cried for about 3 days & went & paid for a private scan.
It's normal to be anxious, I was anyway, I think fear of the unknown but try to rationalise with it can only be one or the other, we were convinced I was having a boy & actually I'm having a girl, it took some time to adjust especially seen as we'd got our name for a boy already decided but could not be happier now with our little girl!

I hope all goes well for you! smile

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