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Constant headache

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Neiffer Mon 06-May-13 06:19:36

Morning all
I'm 31 weeks with dc2 and have had a headache since 9am yesterday. It's not so bad when I'm still but its crippling if I stand up or move too much. I have no history of High blood pressure/pe etc
I rang midwife yesterday who said so long as there were no other problems then it should be fine. Should I be worried that I still have it? I'm not sure if I should do something about it now. (As in go up there and get checked)

Heathbaby Mon 06-May-13 07:55:16

It sounds like you're worried enough to merit another call or trip to hour midwife or your hospital. If I were you I would - it can't do any harm and will either get you some help or put your mind at rest. Sorry you're feeling so ill.

Dexidoo Mon 06-May-13 08:17:35

Go get your blood pressure & urine checked. Your midwife can't exclude pre eclampsia over the phone!

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