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Maternity allowance questions?

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lovelylentils Sun 05-May-13 14:02:41

Hi, i'm very confused so really hope someone can help.
I'm currently working as a supply teacher so technically not employed but a contract worker. As such, I think that means I'm entitled to SMA instead of SMP?
But, I'm also aware that you need 26 weeks work before to be entitled to SMA. I'm currently falling short of this as my maternity leave with dd only finished in Jan. (I'm at 16 or 18 weeks I think once I've finished my current contract) but some of the weeks I've worked have been part time and two of the weeks were just one day weeks (the nature of supply)
Does anyone have any ideas if these one day weeks still count.
I've tried the gov. calculator thing but it wants monthly pay etc and unless I just average it out over the year there is no way I can give this info.
Any one who knows about this I'd be very, very grateful for your advice.

Cloverer Sun 05-May-13 14:05:56

I believe it is 26 weeks work over the last 66 weeks. Not sure about the 1 day weeks - I think they would count though, lots of people are employed part time?

When I got MA you could choose the 12 (iirc) weeks to average your pay over, so you were able to choose the 12 best paid weeks.

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