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Is this silly?

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Smerlin Sun 05-May-13 09:29:27

Just wanted other people's perspective on this really.

I'm nearly 16 weeks and a lot of people still don't know I'm pregnant (family all do and a couple of people at work + line managers but hardly any friends).

I just feel so paranoid about telling people in case something goes wrong - had haematoma and a lot of bleeding during 1st trimester so didn't tell many in case of MC but thought after 12 wk scan I would feel better about this but I really don't!

It almost entered my head to not tell anyone until after anomaly scan but mine isn't until 22 wks and I feel my lack of waistline will be giving the game away soon!!!

Has anyone else felt like this? What if there's a serious problem at the next scan?

Alexandra6 Sun 05-May-13 09:43:51

Hi, firstly I totally understand anxiety about it all, am sure lots of people do, and I'm not going to be one for big Facebook announcements until my baby is actually born and all ok. Sorry you had first trimester difficulties, I'm sure that hasn't helped anxiety about it.

I've actually told more people than I thought I would have and I'm not quite 12 weeks yet and I'll tell the rest of my friends after 12 wks. The way I see it is that I need to be positive (even though I'm so anxious) and also friends will be so happy for you, and also really supportive no matter what happens.

Do what feels right for you though, and people will understand the delay especially if you want to explain you were just worried. Wish you lots of luck and hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly smile

Celaun Sun 05-May-13 09:50:57

No it is not silly at all. You have to go with whatever you feel comfortable with. With my first pregnancy I didn't tell a lot of my work colleagues until I was 20+ weeks (although that did mean I ended up wearing some unusual clothes to the office to hide my bump, including a poncho!)

I am now on pregnancy number 3 and much more relaxed about things. I am also now of the view that it is actually better that others know when you are pregnant - that way people can be there to support you if there are any complications etc and they can be a bit more understanding if you aren't feeling your usual self (tired, sickness etc).

The chances are that everything will be completely normal at your 22 week scan and in a few months time you will have a gorgeous baby. Try not to worry about the pregnancy (easier said than done i know) but i am sure that all will be fine and whatever decision you make about telling others will be the right one for you.

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