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tomkitty Wed 28-Jan-04 19:58:23

I get cramps in the arch of my right foot (UGH!) about every other night, which I think must be pg-related because I never used to get them. What to Expect ... talks about leg cramps in 2nd and 3rd trimesters but doesn't mention feet. I'm 14 weeks.

Has anyone else had this? Is there anything I can do about it?

pollingfold Thu 29-Jan-04 14:34:34

I had cramps in both legs at night in my first pg. The physio suggested sleeping with your feet on a pillow - it feels weird and whether it works or whether that funny phase just passed is arguable, but give it ago, you never know?

marthamoo Thu 29-Jan-04 14:36:53

I suffred badly from cramp (legs and feet) during pregnancy and my MW told me to drink tonic water (something to do with the quinine) and eat tinned sardines. Can't say I noticed any real benefit but it may be worth a try? Also make sure your feet aren't cold - wear bedsocks.

hewlettsdaughter Thu 29-Jan-04 19:53:52

Cramps can be due to calcium or magneseium deficiency apparently. A book I have (Zita West's "Natural Pregnancy" ) says to eat milk products and green leafy vegetables (for calcium) and wholegrains, wheatgerm, nuts, seeds, soya, dried apricots and raw green leafy vegetables (for magnesium). You could try drinking lots of water too.
Getting cramps myself at night (am 28 weeks now) - mostly in my right calf but also sometimes in my foot (do you end up leaping out of bed and hopping around in agony like me?!)

zebra Thu 29-Jan-04 20:12:19

I think that exercise will cures/prevents the problem, too.

alterego Thu 29-Jan-04 20:38:07

To alleviate the pain as quickly as possible, straighten out your leg and gently push your toes up towards your body. When you go to sleep don't curl your toes, keep them straight or pointing up. This worked for me!

popsycal Thu 29-Jan-04 20:41:56

I had these dreadfully when pregnant - my porr dh used to get woken up in the middle of the night by me demadning to grab my leg!!
What i found best was to place my foot against the wall - one of our bedroom walls is an exterior wall and therefore is slightly colder - and to kind of turn up my toes while pushing my weight forward
drink lots of water
and eat less salt

mrcheese Thu 29-Jan-04 20:41:57

isnt it salt related?

popsycal Thu 29-Jan-04 20:42:20

also slightly elevate your legs when asleep

popsycal Thu 29-Jan-04 20:42:38

no ignore the elevate thing - that was for my elephant feet!!

popsycal Thu 29-Jan-04 20:42:53

beat you to it mrcheese

ANGELMOTHER Thu 29-Jan-04 20:44:30

I was bizarrely told Bananas worked, but never worked for me.
When you stretch just make sure your toes point upwards.

mrcheese Thu 29-Jan-04 20:53:45

bY one second! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

popsycal Thu 29-Jan-04 20:55:10

but one second counts mrcheese!!

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 21:37:23

Someone told me to put corks either in the bed or under the matress. Needless to say i didn't so i haven't a clue if it works or not.

sjs Fri 30-Jan-04 00:00:52

I had this - doc. said it was because I needed more calcium... I took calcium supplement and it went away

marthamoo Fri 30-Jan-04 00:08:02

This thread is (unintentionally) hilarious

It reads like an "Old Wives' Guide to Pregnancy"..salt, no salt, bed socks, cold walls, corks, sardines, bananas, magnesium, calcium, exercise.

Poor tomkitty - bet you're none the wiser. Basically, pregnancy = all sorts of unexplained twinges and weird symptoms. Fun it ain't

bobthebaby Fri 30-Jan-04 02:59:02

As my doctor said (about anything) "the only cure is childbirth". Well thanks.

Except he was wrong about the rhinitis of pregnancy and I still have it 11 months later. But that's a whole other thread.

twiglett Fri 30-Jan-04 08:59:57

message withdrawn

hermykne Fri 30-Jan-04 11:18:49

tom kitty
i am around thesame as you, a week ahead, and i am getting the cramps, whereas in my 1st preg i didnt get then until quite late on and drove me mad.
my diet is quite healthy but i got calcium tablets from the doctor and i also started to wear "absolutely hideous" support socks, not the ones for flying but more heavy duty ones, and they did help however on warm nights i'd fling them on the floor with uncomfortableness!!!

they drive me mad. recently i have cut out tea and only one cup of mroning coffee and they are not as bad. maybe caffeine intake??

tomkitty Fri 30-Jan-04 17:39:11

Thanks everybody ......I think! I already drink 3 litres of water a day so it can't be lack of water. I also take calcium supplements and exercise too. And I've tried the bedsocks.

I think I will try cutting back on the salt. Bananas may not be as bizarro as it sounds, because their potassium balances salt in the body. I could try cutting back further on caffeine, but I only have a couple of teas a day.

The way I usually handle it is to arch my foot as high as possible then press down hard on the ball of the foot, usually into DH's thigh.

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