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Feel really stupid...paranoid about waters breaking during sex!

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lovemybabyboy Sat 04-May-13 12:36:17

The title says it all really! I am 29wks with DC3 and never worried about this during my other pregnancies but now all of a sudden I feel really scared to have sex with DH as I am terrified my waters will break because of it! Please tell me I am just being crazy and paranoid....or could this actually happen?
I am measuring big also, measuring 32wks at my appointment on Thursday when I was 28+6wks so this is making me worry that I will go in to labour early! I was so shocked on Thursday that I never thought to ask these questions until after I got home! I have to go back to midwife in 3 weeks and if still measuring big will need a growth scan, I already had a GTT at 26wks which was normal.

So basically the two questions I need answering are, can sex cause my waters to break and does measuring big mean I could go in to labour early?

Thanks for reading and I am sorry for sounding so stupid! sad

dexterpat Sat 04-May-13 14:26:27

To break your waters he'd have to be pretty (ahem) impressive!! If he's knocking into your cervix then maybe he could but its not pleasant!! My DH would probably be quite proud of himself if he broke my waters ( he's a bit odd tho!!) and as I have a long gestation at least 42weeks it's not how mine went and we tried the sex makes you go into labour numerous times ( it didn't)

As far from measuring big I also wouldn't worry as long as your consistent if baby is breach or basically in any other position than head down it affects the measurement I'm 20wks (with ds3) and he is determined to lay beech in a ball above my belly button so I'm measuring about 25wks when/ if he goes head down it'll change completely!!

If your other half is not bothered don't let worrying about your waters going stop you enjoying yourself before baby comes (if they go your baby would be here in a couple of days so I don't think you'll be worried about embarrassing anyone after giving birth!!). Good luck x

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