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hi peeps, new to mumsnet :)

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Racheybooboo Fri 03-May-13 14:24:22

just wanted to say hi as i'm new to mumsnet, im 6 months pregnant with my first and can't wait for LO to arrive! smile xxx

mrspaddy Fri 03-May-13 14:27:02

Hello... welcome.. I am nearly six months too.. can't wait either.. xx

StealthOfficialCrispTester Fri 03-May-13 14:27:05

Congratulations smile

AbiElizabeth Fri 03-May-13 16:23:16

Hello and welcome smile

islingtongirl Fri 03-May-13 17:22:30

Hello and welcome! Im almost 6 months with my first too (24 weeks tomorrow) grin

Racheybooboo Sat 04-May-13 16:52:10

Thanks everyone, having one of those feeling exhausted days today, luckily the suns out so i can just laze in the garden smile

FoofFighter Sat 04-May-13 21:07:46

hello rachey, are you due in July or August? there are threads for both months on the ante-natal clubs area of MN to chat with other people of the same stage as you smile

Racheybooboo Tue 07-May-13 13:39:23

I'm due early august but only bubba can decide when they want to make their appearance smile x

beckie90 Tue 07-May-13 13:57:35

We have a august antenatal group if you want to join us smile x

Racheybooboo Wed 08-May-13 09:29:04

Thank you beckie90 i'll definitely take a look smile xx

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