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boots bbq chicken wrap

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Bluebella Fri 03-May-13 12:48:27

hi. I ate a boots bbq chicken wrap yesterday and came across a dark bit in it, i just assumed at the time it was a bit of tomato or a herb. It looked similar to a clove. It wasnt really hard but not squidgy either. I am now so so worried about what it was because it doesnt match any ingredients on the packet. It does say that small bones may be present so i wonder if it was a chicken bone. But i have bought two more and disected them and cannot find the same thing. Going out of my mind with worry that I have eaten something that we harm the baby. I am 28 weeks. can I have your thoughts please? Am i being stupid?

I think the sandwich is unlikely to be an issue at all

But I would suggest you speak to the MW about your anxiety, you sound terribly worried about things.

NoTeaForMe Fri 03-May-13 12:57:37

I agree that you need to see someone about your anxiety. That level of worry is not normal or healthy.

Try not to worry, the sandwich is very unlikely to have anything in it that will cause harm. Even if it did it would only be a risk of harm rather than guaranteed harm...if that makes sense?!

Bluebella Fri 03-May-13 13:29:17

Are you sure. So if it were you in this situation you would not worry about it? X have spoken to m/w about the anxiety I get. I was doing just this has to happen. Why oh why did I eat it!?

NoTeaForMe Fri 03-May-13 13:32:10

Honestly it wouldn't have even crossed my mind let alone to worry about it. If I were you I'd ask for a chat with your doctor about the anxiety, parenthood is wrapped in worry you don't need extra on top of what is normal.

Good luck

HullMum Fri 03-May-13 13:37:45

what do you think it could have been? The advice against soft cheeses etc are because with a weakened pregnant immune system you are more at risk of illness from listeria. If you are not sick now, you have nothing to worry about. And your baby is fine. Pills and alcohol obviously aside, if you are fine after eating and haven't been ill baby is fine.

HullMum Fri 03-May-13 13:42:44

also I don't know your situation but I don't think it's fair to paint all pregnancies with same brush. I would have been like you at the time, incredibly stressed all the time. But I had an very difficult time with infertility and when I finally got pg was so afraid time lose it and was high risk for miscarriage. I also was unlikely to get pg again if I lost it. So I was overcome with worry. Then had people telling me that would upset the baby. bEcause that'll make the stress go away. hmm.

Bluebella Fri 03-May-13 13:59:08

Hi HullMum. I suppose one of my main fears is that the "foreign" object could have been a stick/twig and it could have had toxoplasmosis on it if it were from the soil. Also i am slightly concerned about the lettuce in it incase it hadnt been washed and had toxoplasmosis on it but this is not what I am focussing. I am more worried about the thing i dont know what it was. I suppose it could have just been part of the tomato sauce, bit of hardened tomato skin or stalk. I just dont know but having examined two other identical wraps I cant see the same thing makes me scared it was something not supposed to be there. I have no idea what....but i suppose i worrier it may have been infected with toxo....

DorsetCereal Fri 03-May-13 15:43:32

Hi Bluebella,
I totally get your anxiety - I am usually exactly the same. I used to focus on every little thing to worry and start worrying incessantly. Being pregnant, the amount of things I could worry about have increased exponentially.

I've found the only way to cope with this is to recognise that since the start of pregnancy, your body has probably fought off millions of potentially lethal bacteria/toxic materials, and your baby (and the vast majority of other babies/people) is fine! The problems come not from injesting something bad, but from something happening in your body and your body not fighting it off, and that's bad luck.

If you seriously put this amount of worry into all the other millons of ways you/me/we have "screwed up" this pregnancy, we'd be stuck in a cotton wool ball not eating/drinking/touching anything. The fact is we have no control over what goes into our bodies - we try to by following guidelines to reduce the risk, but as all our food/drink/air we breathe is in some way prepared or affected by other people, I guarantee you you have injested many things which you wouldn't choose to injest which you don't even know about, and the message is YOU AND YOUR BABY ARE FINE!!!! Have faith in your body to cope! I hope that helps? Or at least doesn't make it worse.... spot the OCD prone thought patterns!

NB - I'm not suggesting anyone does "screw up", but its the way we sometimes feel when we focus on things.

HullMum Fri 03-May-13 15:50:09

if a tiny stick got in the sauce it would have been heated the same as the sauce. you're fine. every thing that's vegetable will be pressure washed, like the lettuce. The concern with shop salad is listeria not toxo. You'd be very ill, which you aren't. If you are still concerned tweet or fb Boots for an answer. Share this thread, they can give you an idea what it was

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