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Leaking and alcohol (not related)

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littlejosh Fri 03-May-13 11:50:39

Hi All

Pregnancy 3 (23/40), my breasts seem to be leaking at night it seems really early for this to be happening (in first pregnancy happened much later), has anyone experienced this, seems to early to be wearing breast pads!.

Secondly my midwife is giving me a hard time about having a glass of wine occasionally (almost suggesting I might start drinking loads). Problem is her attitude completely contradicts what I was told at an early bird session, which was literally we all do, but recommend you don't (or cut down).

In second pregnancy I did drink occasionally and it never was an issue but this midwife clearly frowns upon it...she's making me quite uncomfortable...any advice.

Thank you xxx

Aoifebelle Fri 03-May-13 12:51:03

This time round I have completely booze so a non issue for me. The evidence says that moderate or heavy drinking may cause problems with the baby. There is not enough info to be very clear on a safe limit. However, there is no evidence to suggest that 1 or 2 units once a week causes any harm. The midwife is being very cautious, but ultimately it is your choice.

Bunnylion Fri 03-May-13 12:57:46

My midwife said one or two a week is fine so I'm going with that.

There is a serious problem in midwife training where they all seem to have different opinions on so many things. I don't understand how this is the case. Don't they have an NHS curriculum to stick to or are the teachers over riding that during training with their personal opinions?

littlejosh Fri 03-May-13 13:44:05

I was half expecting "don't drink" comments so thank you for not doing that!!

The Early Bird Midwife was much older that mine (quite young and keen!) so I did think it was a we always say no attitude!!

To be honest, I've poured myself a glass and then left it (have since discovered warm wine is nasty!)...but she has asked me if its a problem and I've been completely perplexed by her questions.

I should add I did drink regularly before being pregnant but just dropped it and now occasionally enjoy a glass (especially in this lovely weather)...

...anyway have a lovely long weekend and hope the weather remains good...

sianilovesbeingamummy Fri 03-May-13 16:19:47

I didnt actually discover i was pregnant until i was 18weeks gone...... looking back there were a few signs but as i was taking the pill i never paid any attention to them..... anyways, in regards to your question, from about 19weeks i have full and painful breasts which would leak it you so much as breathed on them.... this stopped after a few weeks though and has only just restarted again, i am now 39weeks....... as for drinking, i attended alot of family parties in the first few months of pregnancy, mainly weddings which involved all day drinking and not knowing i was expecting i obviously joined in with the celebrations, had i known i was pregnant i wouldn't have touched the stuff but there you go...... what i am trying to say is, i actually felt really guilty once i had discovered i was expecting taking into account what i had drunk and also i was a smoker..... as soon as i found out though i stopped both altogether..... with me it is a guilty feeling thing..... i did light a fag but couldnt smoke it and with drink i have poured myself a glass of wine and ended up throwing it away as i didnt feel the need to drink it...... i have had a glass of wine which was bought for me in a pub one sunday lunch time and i only drank that because it cost someone money,haha....... they say 1 - 2 units a week is fine but obviously not to binge or drink excessivly..... if i didn't get such a guilty feeling with every sip i took then i too would be sat in my garden in this lovely weather with a chilled glass of Rose rather than an ice lolly...... i am going into have my little girl on Tuesday and i have already prepared myself for my return home, bottle of wine already chilling in the fridge,lol..... don't let midwives dictate what you can and can't do, alot actually let their personal feeling intervene when it comes to pregnant women and they tend to judge...... if you feel happy having a glass of wine every now and then then carry on, you know your own limits and if baby is happy moving about then i dont see any need for you to worry xxx best of luck

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