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Embarrassing preggie question

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lazyeye Wed 28-Jan-04 15:47:00

Apologies for this, but I thought I'd see if anyone else has had this before I get up courage to ask m/w.

For a few wks now (am around 18.4 wks) I have an ache or a pressure up inside me - it almost feels like when you haven't had sex for a while and then do - a sort of tenderness. I'm worried that it is the weight of the baby (this is my 3rd) and maybe I will suffer from that incomplete cervix thing (tho I didn't with my others that went f/term)

Has anyone else found this? I do find it worse when I get up in the morn or up after a while sitting down. Any ideas and sorry again.......................

dot1 Wed 28-Jan-04 15:51:14

sorry Lazyeye - can't help - hope someone else can. The only thing I've got to compare is what I think is (mild) SPD - an ache right on my pubic bone which is particularly bad when I walk, but that doesn't sound quite the same. Sorry...

dot1 Wed 28-Jan-04 15:52:11

ooh - although it might be SPD 'cos mine's also worse after I've been sat for a while - my ache only kicked in a few weeks ago (I'm 32 weeks now) but it can happen from much earlier in pregnancy -see what other more experienced MNers say though!

SpringChicken Wed 28-Jan-04 15:58:38

Lazyeye - may not be the same but i mentioned this on the July thread a few days ago.

I have started getting some achey feelings recently which feel like they go right up inside of me - they pass after a minute or so but just catch me unaware.

Haven't asked my midwife about it but Quacks suggested was probably just due to everything stretching and getting ready "down there" ! This is only my first prengnacy so could be something completely different to what you have - apologies if i've got the wrong end of the stick.

Quackers Wed 28-Jan-04 16:06:23

Lazyeye, do you mean as if (pls excuse me if you have delicate ears)!!! you've been bashed a bit 'down there' as if after sex??? If so, I couldn't say what you are feeling, so I'm probably no use at all but I just know I feel all sorts of weird things down there going on. You could ahve the m/x maybe have a look at your cervix if your were worried though??

Quackers Wed 28-Jan-04 16:07:17

Sorry of course I meant m/w - midwife!

happy1 Wed 28-Jan-04 16:12:51

Forgive me for being so personal, but are you a bit swollen 'down there'?! I thought it could be the weight of the baby and the position of the baby because for me its not all the time.

BekkiKay Wed 28-Jan-04 16:16:25

I think this is common in subsequent pregnancies. Its just the weight of the baby. But if you are worried then I'd go to your mw/gp.

moosh Wed 28-Jan-04 19:51:58

I think it is the weight of the babe. This is my second and I know that my abdominal muscles are weaker this time round and the pressure of the baby on the muscles can cause that pain. I am now on maternity leave (35 half weeks) but it used to happen to me when I over worked. My friend has just given birth to her third baby and she suffered quite painful abdominal tension. But if unsure see the doctor.

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