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Pre-eclampsia symptoms, how to tell they're not just pregnancy niggles?

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Springforward Wed 01-May-13 21:23:02

My BP's a bit high (drifting about just below 140/90, usually more like 110/70 normally). I'm 35+ weeks.

I'm going into clinic for weekly BP and CTG monitoring and CTG, baby seems fine so far. No other symptoms.

So, have been sent away with a list of things to watch out for. That's fine, except for the one about swelling.

Have had swollen hands and wrists for weeks, not wearing wedding ring/ splints at night for carpal tunnel symptoms etc, puffy feet at end of day which go down when I put them up, etc. but I don't think my face is puffy.

How bad does it have to be before I need to worry?

Springforward Wed 01-May-13 21:23:53

Sorry, one CTG too many there....

RugBugs Wed 01-May-13 22:57:33

I started to have some visual disturbancies, floaty spots, had 3+ protein in my pee but my bp went from 90/70 to 168/120.
Never had any puffiness or abdominal pain though.

Springforward Wed 01-May-13 23:02:54

Bugs, were your spots like a migraine aura - unmistakably not right, or more subtle than that?

I think I'm worrying slightly that I might overlook something which I wouldn't necessarily recognise as an alarm bell, IYSWIM?

RedPencils Wed 01-May-13 23:11:51

For me the visual disturbances were different to migraines. With a migraine it is usually only in one eye and blurs my vision till it goes away.
With pe I could see floating lights in front of me, but vision wasn't blurred.
I did have a lot of migraines whilst ph as well
I have naturally low blood pressure so the bp raise was 'high for me' but not off the scale
I don't remember puffiness, but I have DTs so first mention of floating lights and I was whipped into hospital and kept on bed rest.

LazyMonkeyButler Wed 01-May-13 23:26:08

I didn't have the swelling with PE either. For me, there were no symptoms I could see myself to start with - it was +++ protein in my urine, high BP & dodgy blood test results that diagnosed PE. With DS1, I was kept on the ante natal ward from 34 weeks to have all of the above monitored/kept on top of and then at 37 weeks I suddenly starting hallucinating and basically drifting in an out of consciousness shock, at which point my consultant decided enough was enough & DS1 was born 12 hours later.

With DD, I didn't reach the serious stage of hallucinations & emergency delivery BUT my symptoms were still only things that could be detected by a midwife (through urine tests, blood tests, BP etc.) No headaches, no swelling.

MissBlennerhassett Wed 01-May-13 23:33:32

Hi Spring. My symptoms were very similar to Rugs'.I also had puffy ankles and feet for about 6 weeks.

My visual disturbances were black spots in front of my eyes one morning. I wouldn't say they were that obvious but I was aware it was happening. I was already having daily blood pressure checks and when I told my consultant about the spots, she sent me away to do a 48 hour urine test.

I was kept in when they got the results from that test and quickly developed pre-eclampsia. It was actually very sudden so if you do think you have any of the symptoms I would urge you to let them know as soon as you can.

I was induced as soon as my bp had stabilised and delivered at 37+5.

Get lots of rest, really take it easy if you can. Not long now, hope your bp behaves! Good luck, soon you'll have a gorgeous little bundle and this will seem a light years away.

Springforward Wed 01-May-13 23:39:57

Thank you ladies, so it seems like I would really notice a warning symptom if it popped up, but otherwise just to keep my clinic appointments and have a bit of faith in the midwives' judgement I guess!

RugBugs Wed 01-May-13 23:54:17

Ach sorry, yes, like Redpencils floating spots in front of my eyes a bit like if you stare at bright light a bit too long.
You can be screened for it now, there are a few blood plasma markers I think.
I was also admitted to be induced at 37wks but DD wasn't going to be dictated to and arrived while waiting for a bed in the induction suite!

Eletheomel Thu 02-May-13 09:10:34

I had swelling for the last month or so of my pregnancy but my BP and urine had been fine apart from my routine 39wk appointment when suddenly my BP was 180/101 and I had ++++ protein in my urine.

Apart from the swelling, I was totally asymptomatic - no headache, dizziness, pain in rib or sickness.

I'd say the only way you can be sure is to have your BP and urine checked, but if you're concerned about the swelling (I wasn't last time as I had swelling when my BP etc was normal) contact your midwife and get checked - it's always better to be safe than sorry, and given you're on weekly monitoring anyway (as am I this time round) they'd prefer you to err on side of caution.

Don't take any risks, just phone them and ask for advice.

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