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can you guess the sex, nub theory

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contonsmum Wed 01-May-13 00:35:40

Hi Mums/Dads/Grannies

Well just for fun, and to curb my impatience, are there any nubsperts online that could tell me if they think this baby is pink or blue.
It is very clear in the scan, so if you know hat your looking at it should be a doddle.

Get those guesses in folks smile xxx

contonsmum Wed 01-May-13 00:38:34

should say its a 13 week scan x

craftycottontail Wed 01-May-13 00:40:00

No nub expert I'm afraid, never sure if it's a leg / cord / nub confused

You might want to cut out your name / location from the photo btw!

lexib Wed 01-May-13 06:35:59

I'd say girl I think... It looks pretty parallel with the arch of the back...

kittykatsforever Wed 01-May-13 06:43:08

I would guess girl too although there is a slight angle, have you posted on the in gender website? They are seasoned guessers although everyone bar one guessed mine at a boy and she isn't!! The one who didn't was I think a sonographer or well respected guesser anyway

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