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Glucose in urine

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2Labradors Tue 30-Apr-13 18:03:08

I've just had my booking in appointment which was a bit all over the place as halfway through the midwives swapped over. and I was so excited about it all day.

I'm 9 weeks and took a wee sample, which I did about an hour after lunch. It showed glucose (plus protein & white blood cells). This is my 3rd pregnancy & I've never had glucose in my wee before. The midwife asked what sugary food I have eaten today but I had a bowl of all bran with milk for breakfast and then a ham & Branston pickle sandwich on wholemeal bread for lunch followed by an apple. She seemed surprised and asked if I was sure I'd not had chocolate today, I haven't.

It's got me worrying a bit. If I had eaten some choc then there would have been a possible reason for it. I asked the midwife if she thought the Branston pickle would have affected it as I'm sure that will have sugar in it but she didn't think so.

I'm just a bit worried. I often had protein and/or white blood cells in my wee with second pregnancy and they always came to nothing after being sent off, I never needed antibiotics.

I've got to get wee checked again next week and if glucose is there again then I will be sent for a GTT.

She weighed me too on the oldest, crappiest scales ever. The usual place for midwife appointments is being refurbished so we were just in a room they could find in a different building than usual. It wasn't even on 0 when I got on them. It weighed me nearly half a stone more than I thought I was. I mentioned this so the midwife got on them and said its reading what she usually weighs so will be right. It gives me a BMI of 27 with this weight.

Are there any other reasons for glucose in urine, other than the possibility of gestational diabetes? Should I be cutting out sugar or other foods? My diet is pretty good, I do have treats and biscuits when I fancy them but today's diet is quite usual. I had a jacket spud yesterday with low fat cottage cheese for example.

Thanks for any advice or experiences of similar xx

mumbaisapphire Tue 30-Apr-13 18:29:09

I've never had glucose or protein in my urine when I test at my midwife visits, but I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Where I am (not in the uk), they test all women at around 27-28 weeks for gestational diabetes-it's a standard test. So in some ways I am glad that I had the test, because otherwise it would have gone undetected.

Having said that branston pickle is very high in carbs and sugar. It's something like 26g carbs per 100g, of which 24g of that is sugar. So I would disagree with what your midwife thinks and suggest that it probably was the pickle to blame and the fact that you had fruit (also high in fruit sugar) and bread as part of your sandwich. I can still eat a cheese and pickle sandwich, I just have to make sure I have a ton of cheese (protein helps slow down the carbs release) and nothing else carbs based with my lunch. So no fruit or yoghurt etc, if I want anything else I tend to have extra protein such as a boiled egg or have a salad on the side.

I would go for the GTT but try not to worry about it. It will at least let you know whether or not you have GD or not.

2Labradors Tue 30-Apr-13 18:37:41

Thanks mumba

I've been loving Branston pickle since being pregnant so there was quite a bit on my sandwich today. Maybe I should be thinking more about what I'm eating too, and not put nearly half a jar of Branston on my sandwich.

MisselthwaiteManor Tue 30-Apr-13 18:50:10

I had glucose in my urine at one appointment, my midwife thought it would be because it was half hour after lunch (I think I had something carby like pasta) so I didnt get sent for the GTT. My urine tests have all been clear since and I haven't changed my diet so I think eating right before the test definitely affects it, so try not to worry too much.

mumbaisapphire Tue 30-Apr-13 18:51:01

It was most likely the pickle then especially if you loaded it on! But seriously don't panic too much. Also one thing to remember is that GD isn't caused by you eating lots of chocolate or sugary stuff. that's a common misconception. It's just caused by your body not being able to produce as much insulin as you need to process the sugar in your bloodstream. you need three times the normal amount than when you aren't pregnant and what with all the effort your body is going through trying to grow another human being, sometimes it just can't keep up the pace. So don't worry for now. You may not have GD and if you do, we'll you'll find out soon enough, and for most of us it is easy to control with some simple diet adjustments and moderate exercise.

2Labradors Wed 15-May-13 20:33:15

Just wanted to add the outcome as I had my urine re-checked this week at 11 weeks pregnant and it was totally clear.

Must have been the Branston pickle after all. I'd stupidly googled too and scared myself half to death so I only got it checked this week as I was scared.

Thank you for your kind messages of support.

Newtobecomingamum Thu 16-May-13 02:14:56

Hi, I had the same as you and it was the cerial I was having! It was only weetabix, plain with milk and this wasn't picked up until I was told by a different MW that I should be taking the first urine of the day and not after eating breakfast as its more accurate. I had already been booked for GTT so went ahead and this was fine. Take specimen samples home (the docs or MWs can givd you somd and take in the first urine sample in the morning before eating and I bet it's normal! I bet the Branson pickle also didn't help and again if you always do the first morning sample it won't come up. The new MW I had was really annoyed that the other MWs hadn't told be able taking the first sample of the day as she said lots of people panic and get worried and it doesn't show the proper results if you have recently/shortly eaten beforehand. Best of luck X

Newtobecomingamum Thu 16-May-13 02:15:46

cereal!! Stupid auto text!

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