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Hyperemesis - anyone else have problems that continued after birth?

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kalidasa Tue 30-Apr-13 14:41:52

I'm making this a separate thread as I don't want to depress people on the HG support thread who are still struggling in the worst bit.

I had a very severe case of HG and the vomiting never went away completely (though was reduced after the six month mark). I was on medication throughout and had multiple hospital admissions during the worst phase. I was confined entirely to bed for the first five months.

My baby is now five months old and obviously I am a lot better. But sadly I am not (as I expected to be) completely better. I still feel nauseous quite often, there are loads of foods I can't face and this morning I actually threw up again for the first time since labour (on an almost empty stomach - not very nice and a nasty reminder of all those months of throwing up nothing but bile). I've come close a couple of times before. Generally I find that although I enjoy cooking as I always did, I don't really enjoy eating very much any more. I am working with a psychologist as I have PND as well, and I'm aware that some or all of this may be psychological, and caused by trauma/anxiety from vomiting so much for so long. Perhaps there is also an hormonal element? I am still breastfeeding but my periods have returned and in fact I have just had a really bad one.

Basically just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this and if so whether they found it faded eventually?

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