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what kind of labour/birth did you have...

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peanutMD Tue 30-Apr-13 10:34:42

...and what kind of labour/birth did your MIL have?

Out for lunch yesterday with a group if friends and we were discussing this as one had said that yet theory was women trend to have similar experiences to their DP's mum (based on people she knows).

I had a crash CS with DC1 and an ELCS with DC2, as did MIL.

beckie90 Tue 30-Apr-13 10:48:50

MIL had 4ds 1 was 7wk prem the others was 2wk before due date, she just had normal straight forward births.

I've got 2ds and preg with ds3, my first was induced, at 42wk, big pph, then shock to the body. Ds2 was 5 day labour, back to back got stuck ended in assisted delivery and then manual removal of placenta as it wouldnt come. So mine wasnt same as hers. X

MolotovCocktail Tue 30-Apr-13 10:54:08

Pah, mine and MIL's experiences are totally different!


DD1 - 31hr labour, episiotomy + ventouse delivery


DS1 - 7hr labour, unassisted vaginal delivery.
DD - No labour pains beforehand, fast, unassisted vaginal delivery (apparently, she found this to be quite a shock an my SIL was born at home).
DS2 (my DH) - 4hr labour, unassisted vaginal delivery.

squidgeberry Tue 30-Apr-13 11:15:16

Not at all the same!
MIL had prem twins at 33 weeks and pre-eclampsia.

DD1 was induced at 42 weeks but otherwise straightforward labour. DC2 is still happily ensconced at 38 weeks.

I'm more similar to my own mum in that she had long pregnancies and was induced at 43 weeks with me, and 40 weeks with my twin brothers. Only my sister (her dc4) was born spontaneously and on time.

cupcake78 Tue 30-Apr-13 11:31:16

Totally different pregnancies and births!

Mil felt slightly nauseous with her second for a week or so. I've had HG from beginning to end with all mine (4 pregnancies, 2mc, 1 dc and 1 expected).

Both MILs children came early (37 wks) and labour was only for 6-7 hrs! Babies were 7-8lbs. No aftercare needed, she was back to normal straight away.

I on the other hand I went over by 6 days. Had 5 days of very painful 'latent labour' contractions
day and night every 20-10 mins. 19 hrs of established labour once my waters were broken and baby was 9lb+. 3rd and 2nd degree tears. Exhausting doesn't come close!

Hoping for a much better experience this time round!

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