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Anyone else had narrow sub pubic arch and had a vb?

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Monka Mon 29-Apr-13 19:44:07

I had a cyst a few years ago and my gyno at the time have me an internal and said I have a narrow sub pubic arch and that it was unlikely that I would be able to give birth naturally as my pelvic bone would mean the baby's head would get stuck. Saw an obstetrician who said the NHS wouldn't give me an ELCS based on this and that I would have to go through labour and they would see how things progress.

Has anyone else been diagnosed with a narrow sub pubic arch but gone on to deliver vaginally?

Am a bit worried as positions designed to open up your pelvis involve squatting and would mean I couldn't have an epidural. It's my first so don't know if I could cope with the pain.

It's really frustrating as my gyno is also an obstetrician but at a hospital in East London which isn't a possibility for me.

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