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39 weeks +1, 2 hours worth of cramping last night but nothing else since!!

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seriouscakeeater Mon 29-Apr-13 16:29:52

Right at the last leg now!! Had two hours of cramping late last night but nothing today? hmm

At least my volcano in my stomach heart burn has subsided and I don't have to clutch my gaviscon any more!

Having absolutely mental dreams!!

Any one else out there at the same point??!! Give me some encouragement pleaaase!

TheRinkyDinkPanther Mon 29-Apr-13 18:26:19

Hi - how are you getting on?!
I am 39 weeks + 3 today and so far no signs... (I don't think but this is my first!!). Back is aching but it has done for the last week or so...trying to keep busy but am knackered!

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