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Not sure what this is. Appreciate some advice

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RoxyLady Mon 29-Apr-13 15:45:58

28 weeks pregnant. I have been having pain in my lower back and pelvis area. Doc is referring me to a physio.
However, today I was changing the beds and I feel a sharp pain in my vagina.. I just sneezed and the pain happened again. It was really very sharp and hurt.
Is this ligament pain, braxton hicks or something i should be worried about? It was really very sharp.
Im just sitting down now as I can feel it there when I go to walk.

SourSweets Mon 29-Apr-13 15:59:07

It might be SPD. It would tie in with the back and hip pain.. I have it too and sometimes get shooting pains not in my vagina but down the front of my pubic bone. The physio really really helped so its great you're getting that.

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