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ELCS advice - Christmas and New Year holidays? Hospital/recovery time

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wonderingifiam2013 Mon 29-Apr-13 14:36:04

Has anyone had an ELCS over the Christmas or New Year holidays?

I think my due date will be around 2nd or 3rd January, and guessing they will try to do it as close to 39 weeks as possible, will I be able to have an ELCS between Christmas and New Year as I've read some hospitals only do EMCS?

Also - how many days do you stay in after an elective (if all goes ok?) and I was in hospital over a week after my emergency section sad


WeOnlyPlannedTheFirst Tue 30-Apr-13 08:18:46

I think they might bring your elcs forward to 38 weeks so you'll be home for xmas. Don't hospitals like to get as many out for xmas as they can?
I had a elcs for my twins on 8 Jan but I was only 37 weeks (which is good for twins I think). My recovery was very straightforward and easy. Twins born Tuesday morning, went hime Thursday midday. I was actually ok to be discharged on the Wednesday but one baby needed blood sugars taking for an extra night.
I was in for 3 nights following my previous emcs and the whole experience of an elcs was very different for me. Very calm and relaxed and altogether a very pleasant way to give birth! Also I was better able to cope after surgery because I was mentally prepared and hadn't had the pain of a labour before it. I think if you get up and moving as soon as you can, and take all the pain relief they offer you then you'll be home before you know it. I was able to drive 2 weeks after my elcs too - I recovered very quickly.

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