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Baby small for dates at 20 week scan

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NinaHeart Mon 29-Apr-13 12:00:21

Anyone had experience of this and can share your story or have good ideas. Obviously am worried. Baby seems to be about 2 weeks behind in growth.
(And no, parents are not small people)

Bibs123 Mon 29-Apr-13 15:31:27


Bejeena Mon 29-Apr-13 15:43:48

Well I looked my last scan the other day and noticed that although I was 21+4 at the time there measurements were only 19+6. Since my doctor, who did the scan, didn't mention it I didn't think there was any need for concern. Was anything mentioned about it being an issue?

I was also behind when I had a scan at 7 weeks (I think I was 7+1 according to dates but scan measured 6+1) but by time I had the nuchal at 13 weeks baby had caught up.

Try not to worry about it is my motto everyone is different and that includes babies in the womb.

muffins Mon 29-Apr-13 15:44:16

When you say 2 weeks behind do you mean 2 weeks behind your gestation, eg measuring 18 weeks and you are 20weeks or 2 weeks behind the lower limit of normal? Did they say anything after scan or have you been referred elsewhere?
Were all the measurements small or just certain ones?

sorry lots of questions!

NinaHeart Mon 29-Apr-13 16:42:02

Thank you ladies. Actually it's not me, it's another family member, but she is too scared to ask! As it is her first and I have no idea about these things I thought I'd ask you knowledgeable people.

She's 21 weeks pg and had her 20 week scan last week and the baby is 2 weeks behind normal size, so looked like an 18 weeker. They've compared with 12 week scan to check dates.

They seem to be concerned - maybe the umbilical cord has a "fault" in it, is one suggestion and she is seeing the consultant.
I am pleased to hear that some people (Bejeena) have similar scans and they aren't seen as an issue. Maybe different hospitals have differnet levels for any kind of intervention?

All the measuremetns were small. Everything was there and seemed in proportion, and the baby was moving about a lot. Placenta is in front? Does that make any difference?

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