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Pounding heart when I lie down

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LouiseD29 Sun 28-Apr-13 23:45:52

Driving me crazy and stopping me sleeping. It's no faster than usual, but it's like I can feel my pulse vibrating through my whole body - including bump when I lie down. Feels physically as though i've had a fright or am stressed about something, but I'm not (particularly)! Am 25+1. Anyone else had this?

elsabel Mon 29-Apr-13 00:06:01

Yes, i got it pretty much the whole way through my 2nd trimester and its very common. Heart palpertations-something to do with your body working harder to pump the extra blood round your body or something. If it worries you contact your midwife/gp but id say its normal...damn annoying though! Have a happy pregnancy!

hartmel Mon 29-Apr-13 04:11:36

I'm only 21 weeks now but have the same problem. Try not to sleep on your back. That helps me.
Congrats by the way :-)

LouiseD29 Mon 29-Apr-13 07:08:57

Thanks for the replies - just what I needed - yet another reason not to be able to sleep! smile

weeblueberry Mon 29-Apr-13 14:56:51

Are you lying on your back? It can put a lot of pressure on certain areas of your abdomen/back which gave me palpitations at about the 24 week mark. I normally sleep in the recovery position so once I went back to that it was fine but even now if I roll into my back I feel decidedly weird...

LouiseD29 Mon 29-Apr-13 20:17:11

Lying on my back feels great, but then I find that I can't move and it kills my lower spine, so I have taken to lying on my left side - still with the pounding! I was reading today that apparently I (we) have 45% more blood than usual - so I guess it kinda makes sense. shock

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