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Dentist refusing to treat me (indirectly.....)

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3MenAndMe Sun 28-Apr-13 18:05:00

In need of a bit of advice,--vent off--....
I am 30 weeks pregnant and decided to go to the dentist after a while(I'm absolutely petrified of the dentists) as I am worried my dental health could affect my baby (I am constantly anxious anyway despite all the checks/scans saying the things are OK).
So I have registered with NHS surgery(I moved recently)no questions asked,presented my exemption certificate,the dentist checked my teeth and decided to do an x-ray.Full of trust,although a bit aprehensive (he did not use the lead apron,just said it is ''up to you when I asked about the risks....) I had an x-ray,he said I need one extraction due to small abcess.
That's fine but when I asked about other teeth (I need a bit of attention) he started moaning about lack of funding and I knew he is not keen at all to look after me any further (apart from extraction)...
When I had an extraction 2 weeks later( he did not prescribe any antibiotics and I think he should) and asked him for further treatment I have received another wriggly answer,although he promised to asked another dentist in the practice and that he will call me back...2 weeks and no calls so far...
The thing is I know I need 2 quite urgent feelings/maybe root canal and it makes me paranoid it will affect my baby or something.I am not in pain thanks God but have the feeling this particular dentist is taking a piss plus I feel totally blocked as he did an x-ray and probably knows I won't be tempted to do it again in another practice as I am pregnant....
What shall I do.?....I am so angry/worried I can't sleep...

LadyMedea Sun 28-Apr-13 18:14:23

What a strange attitude. He can't refuse you necessary treatment but he hasn't specifically identified any work that needs doing. I'd make an appointment with another dentist in the practice and just say that you didn't think you had a full assessment. If in doubt you could always speak to the practice manager first and ask what this guy was playing at.

MrsMorton Sun 28-Apr-13 18:43:13

Why do you think you should have had antibiotics after having a tooth out? Have you called the practice to ask them why he hasn't been in touch. He sounds a bit odd tbh. Are you getting help for your anxiety?

Whenever I hear people are TTC I urge them to get their teeth looked at beforehand. It's so much harder during pregnancy.

Fairy130389 Sun 28-Apr-13 19:11:22

I do find that attitude strange. If I were you I would ask to see a different dentist. HOWEVER, I think if your teeth aren't causing you pain, I would wait until after you've had your baby, 10 weeks isn't that long to wait.

My dentist is absolutely lovely but he's the other way - he is always really uber cautious and won't x ray me or give me anti-biotics unless I'm literally dying but has promised faithfully that after baby is born he will sort me out. (Obviously he has said I can push this at any time but he has made it clear he would rather not).

I'm pretty sure I will need a root canal too or possible extraction so we are in the same boat and dentist has not mentioned potential harm to unborn baby, just discomfort for me.

I hope you are getting help for you anxiety, but change dentists, as this delightful arsehole doesn't sound like he will help!

3MenAndMe Sun 28-Apr-13 19:29:14

MrsMorton as far as I am aware antibiotics are given to make sure the abcess is cleared competely...
We did not TTC as I was dagnosed with PCOS/hypothyroidism couple of years ago so it was happy surprise...I have mentioned that I suffer from dentophbia and it is extremely difficult for me to go to the dentist,build the trust etc.And current experience made it even more tricky....

KentuckyFriedChildren Sun 28-Apr-13 19:35:18

They are usually don't do a root canal when you are pregnant as you will require a filling and the ones supplied on the nhs are generally amalgam which can be harmful to unborn babies. You can get a fissure seal though which would be replaced after the baby is born. Some dentists are also concerned with using anaesthetics due to the risks of it affecting blood pressure and so will only carry out treatment that cannot wait.

MrsMorton Sun 28-Apr-13 19:51:30

Lots and lots of misconceptions on this thread (no pun intended). I'm a dentist and I wouldn't often prescribe antibiotics after an extraction unless there was significant swelling and systemic involvement.

The top and tail is OP, you don't trust your dentist, that's not good so to need to find someone else to see. No good will come of this if you persevere.

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