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Please tell me to get a grip....

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MakeHayNotStraw Sun 28-Apr-13 16:15:48

Soooo, I got a BFP over the weekend (a very faint one, and by my reckoning about 5 weeks since LMP). It's my fourth pg, although one was serious ectopic last summer resulting in tube removal. First since then. The only person who knows IRL is DH.

The problem is, although this is very much wanted, my overriding emotion at the moment is panic. It feels like everything is against this little one - the ectopic (what if it's in the other tube?), my recently diagnosed endometriosis, the fact that dd has just had what looked suspiciously like measles, although we have not had the result of the saliva swab back yet to confirm or deny it.

Even stupid things like the fact that I have just been treated for thrush and that says talk to your dr if you are pg (it was pessary not tablet as I am bf), the fact that I have not religiously been taking folic acid (this was unexpected as we have been trying for months with no joy because of the endo). And most stupid, I did a craft fair a couple of weeks ago selling some of my soap which has clary sage in it, which is still hanging around the house and is massively contraindicated in early pregnancy....

I just can't quite believe that the odds are not stacked against this one, mostly because of my actions. I am exhausted, ds does not sleep well and is still bf and dd! I don't get a chance to rest! I'm also on a strange diet for my endo, which is (I think) the reason why I managed to get pg this time in the end - I have only been on it for 2 months! But I don't really know how it will work with pregnancy.

I think I am getting myself a bit worked up! Someone find a grip for me and pass it this way! Ta.....

MakeHayNotStraw Wed 01-May-13 21:36:43

Of, not if.....sorry!

BabyHMummy Thu 02-May-13 09:27:55

Thanks hun.

Sending huge hugs to you Xxx

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