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Anyone have any recent experiences of ERI?

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csmm Sun 28-Apr-13 14:47:11


I'm 37+3 and was planning on a HB for this baby (DC2) but over the past few weeks my blood pressure has been going up and the medical professionals don't think being at home is a good idea. It doesn't look like PE or anything, probably just stress related, but they don't want to take any chances. So it looks like it'll be a hospital birth in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Cause it's a blood pressure thing I'll have to be on the labour ward rather than the nice new sparkly birth centre. I had my 1st DC (now 7) at St John's in Livingston as I'd heard so many horror stories at that point about the ERI, but this time it's probably easier to be within bus-reaching distance.

So I have a couple of questions:

What is the procedure? Like is it likely I'll be allowed to go over term (DC1 was 10 days late)? Do they have TENS machines available for use? Is it cleaner than previously reported? Am I being ridiculous by getting scared by the whole thing?


Dynababy Sun 28-Apr-13 15:21:43

HI don't be scared they are brilliant! I has my DS there 20 mths ago and will be having DC2 there very soon. The facilities are good and I had no problems with the cleanliness although I had brought some flash wipes just in case! They are very busy (busiest mat unit in Scotland) but the midwives are all lovely and helped me loads with DS when i was recovering from a CS and helping establish feeding etc. Loads of my friends and colleagues have also had the same high standards of care I had. A few years ago there were some horror stories but put them to the back of your mind seriously everyone I know has said they couldn't have been better and that was my personal experience. Re going over I went over with DS and was induced at 40 & 10 but that was my choice, I was not pressured. At 42 weeks it was a bit different and they were keen to get DS out after 3 inductions had failed, but if i wasn't induced in the first place it would have been different matter. Hope this sets your mind at ease a little.

weebarra Sun 28-Apr-13 15:34:31

Might not be recent enough for you but I had DS1 (now 5) and DS2 (2.5) there and all being well will have DC3 there in September.
I won't be in the MLU either due to two previous EMCS.
Had no issues with care or cleanliness at all. Midwives and HCAs were all really good and helpful after my sections and I got lots of help with breastfeeding. I don't remember there being any problems with dirt.
Only thing I would say is to try to find a way of keeping water cold (maybe icepacks etc) as it was very hot in the hospital when I had both DSs.

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