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elizabuff Wed 17-May-06 17:44:44

Could really do with a hand choosing nappies. I've decided to go for cloth ones and the more I look around the more confused I get over which ones to buy. Currently looking at Bambino Mio or Totsbots but really don't know which way to turn! Have looked the the mn reviews but they all seem to be positive and not that much help. Baby due in 2.5 weeks and have only bought 1 pack of disposables for hosiptal bag so could do with getting my ar$e into gear. Any advice greatly appreciated!

Laura032004 Wed 17-May-06 19:16:34

If your decision is between B.Mio and Tots Bots, definitely go for the Tots Bots. You will get leaks with the Bambino Mio with a newborn, which would put me off using cloth all together. I've never had a leakage problem with Tots at all. They have v.occasionally leaked onto the wrap, but never outside the wrap.

Have you tried filling out the questionnaire on the Nappy Lady website? They will give you unbiased and tailored advice depending upon your circumstances. Also look at the nappy talk section of MN for more guidance

oops Wed 17-May-06 19:24:21

Message withdrawn

tassis Wed 17-May-06 19:27:09

I used totsbots and loved them, but if cost is a factor for you, the downside is that (unlike other systems like Motherease for excample) they're not a birth to potty nappy so you have to shell out lots of money for size 1s and then again a year or so later for size 2s...

(I'm sure you've considered this, but thought it was worth mentioning).

DO do the nappylady questionairre, it's great, and you'll get a detailed personalised response.

expatcat Wed 17-May-06 19:52:44

We use the motherease one size and love them! Started out using totsbots but were not that fond of them (sorry!) as we found them too bulky on baby, especially once he started rolling etc. The motherease also seem to fit endlessly well - because they do up with press studs you can almost always find a setting at which they are comfortable for baby without too much difficulty. Downside is that you will probably need to change ever 1.5-2 hours or else use boosters to enhance dryness as they are not as absorbent as totsbots!

leggymamba Wed 17-May-06 20:26:15

Where abouts do you live?
We've a local nappy network that holds samples of all the different types of nappies and can also come and speak to you about them (normally done by another mum). It's much easier to make a choice once you've seen them in real life. The recycling officer at the local council would be able to tell you if there's one local to you

leggymamba Wed 17-May-06 20:29:53

oh- if it helps I've got just about every type going (became addicted). I wouldn't buy a load of any at the moment. Try one of each you thing you might like then decide which you like best once you've used them in action! Everyone likes something different - I started off liking motherease one size but now ds has just gone one and is hell to change I prefer bamboozle as the velco is quicker. Am expecting to go back to onesize once he settles down again(fingers crossed!)

Pinchypants Thu 18-May-06 14:55:21

Eliza, I'm struggling with all the choice as well! The kityykins real nappy website ( has loads of fantastic advice and they recommend you order/buy a selection of nappies first and don't commit to a bulk order of one type before baba is born. They also recommend, rather refreshingly, that you get in a load of disposables (the more eco/gel-free ones if poss) for the early days while you get the hang of it/choose the nappy/ies you're happiest with, since you'll have enough on your plate for the first few weeks.

Pinchy xx

LexB Thu 18-May-06 21:35:26

Hi - we tried B.Mio for a while but in the end found that Cotton Bottom wraps stayed on better. Also, if you are going for nappies with separate wraps/outers consider getting wraps that wash at the same temp as the nappies. The Cotton Bottom wraps we got can be washed at 60 which is really handy. If they get poo on them then they can go straight in the nappy pail and straight to the washing machine. Better than having to put them in your laundry basket!

elizabuff Fri 19-May-06 19:00:05

Thank you all so much for your help and advice.

I've been on the ukparents site and you're right, it is a lot better than ebay, and lots of people to give their opinions about various makes etc. Have also managed to get myself a handful of tots bots size 1 nappies cheaply and a couple of different types of wraps (tots and motherease rikki) to try out, so I'll see how I go before I get any more. Just need the baby to put in them now but she seems quite happy where she is!

Thanks again

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