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Any first time mums with Multiple Sclerosis?

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Stresshead34 Sun 28-Apr-13 10:07:08

Just as the title says really. Interested in possible c-section. Any thoughts??

atrcts Mon 29-Apr-13 21:46:27

I'm a second time Mum with MS, which of course means I was once a first time Mum!

I went into the first labour quite blazee really, I was overly optimistic that after such a lovely pregnancy everything would go perfectly smoothly for me, but it didn't!

I suffer with fatigue massively and couldn't manage to get through labour without being induced and having a forceps delivery. All of the MS team tell me that there is no evidence to support anything different management-wise for a person with MS in labour, but I did google it and found that you're more likely to need assistance if you have MS. Of course it happens to people without MS as well and so I could have just been 'one of those' who went through that type of birthing experience.

This time round I've approached my consultant for a CS, but was told that they weren't keen on the idea for MS, however they did not hesitate to offer it because I had quite a lot of damage from the forceps delivery and they felt it could be just as bad if not (more likely) worse damage a second time round. So it's going to be a CS for me this time on those grounds.

Out of interest, what would be your reason for wanting a CS because of MS? I was wondering if it might be the fatigue side of it, like me.

I wish you all the best and hope whatever route you take it is a positive eexperience for you with a speedy recovery (and no postpartum relapses for either of us!) grin

Stresshead34 Mon 29-Apr-13 22:12:34

Many thanks for the reply!!! I also suffer from extreme fatigue and worried my body would b too tired to the.finish line!! Obs asked me to think about pros and.cons and said I could have a section but just wondered about recovery, relapses and a baby!! Think she is keen for a natural labour!!
Thanks and take care also!!

atrcts Mon 29-Apr-13 23:42:24

I know it's less of a surgical procedure but I had my appendix out halfway between this pregnancy and my last one, and the recovery was incredibly good because I had a LOT of help and could take it easy. I think that's the crucial element to recovering from a CS too and so have for lots of help lined up for that.

The 13 hour labour exhausted me so I just could push anymore, but if I had another natural labour I'd do several things differently:

1. Have much stronger painkillers early on (I had nothing til 4cm dilated and then was only on paracetamol until i'd been stuck at 7cm for 4hrs and they started an infusion to speed things up, then I was on gas and air until the forceps at the very end).

2. I would only labour for a set time and then request an EMCS if I was getting too tired.

3. I would do anything to avoid forceps at that caused severe SPD - I hadn't had any in pregnancy and the forceps jammed my pelvis into 2 years recovery from spd! I am sure the constant pain did not help ward off a relapse postpartum.

I am surprised you were offered a cS for ms, that's good, just seems to be a regional thing as my consultant would not have wanted to just for ms alone.

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