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Bicornuate uterus

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RosehipAndWillow Sat 27-Apr-13 09:12:43

Does anyone know of a good bicornuate uterus specialist in the south of England?

Stiggley Sat 27-Apr-13 11:02:39

During my first pregnancy I was under consultants from the John Radcliffe in Oxford and now under dr reid at the royal berks in Reading. All appear good. My advise is don't Google experiences!

crazyhead Sun 28-Apr-13 20:02:03

There is a good Yahoo group on the subject that I used in a previous pregnancy when I was misdiagnosed with BU - whereas it is US based, there are UK women there who are likely to be able to make recommendations.

RosehipAndWillow Sun 28-Apr-13 20:46:19

Thank you both so much for your responses. We are close to Reading and the JR so that is great news. And I will check out the link, crazyhead.

featherbag Sun 28-Apr-13 21:35:58

I have a BU which led to DS bing born early. I'm 8/40 with DC2, but no-one's ever suggested seeing a BU 'specialist', I didn't even know such folk existed! What are the benefits of seeing one as opposed to a 'normal' obstetrician?

OliPocket Sun 28-Apr-13 21:42:05

I have a BU and had consultant led care but I don't think he was a 'specialist' other than being an obstetrician. I had growth scans towards the end to check for baby running out of space. i was told by my obs that once you're pregnant they can't do anything active abut the BU so it's just check and hope the baby doesn't run out of space. DS1 was breech so ELCS at 39 weeks. Now 15/40 with DC 2 so same again and if breech another section. I was seen by Mr Chow at Kingston. He's excellent.

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