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sickness starting at 15 weeks.... fed up with it now :(

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MrsMc82 Fri 26-Apr-13 23:02:19

Dc2 due Sept sm 19 weeks tomorrow and have had terrible morning (all day ) sickness since 15 weeks.... throw up after most meals but worst first thing and bed time ish......

Please tell me when it will stop!

Obvs noone'll really be able to predict this but would make me feel lots better if you lovely MNers can reassure me..... ta grin

amazingmumof6 Sat 27-Apr-13 03:36:32

sorry you are feeling awful!

I think the starting to feel sick/vomit at 15 weeks is probably less common, for most women who experience N&V (nausea & vomiting) it starts at around 6 weeks, intensity peaking at 9-11 weeks, then declining by 12-13 weeks.

but as you say it varies, from person to person and from pg to pg for the same woman!

a friend of mine was sick every day through her whole pg, from the day after she conceived till the day baby was born.
others never even feel nauseous (lucky bastards, call themselves pregnant, pfft! grin)

my worst experience of morning sickness was with DS3 - N&V from 5 weeks till 16 weeks. it peaked at 10-13 weeks with me being sick up 5 times a day.

after a few months of being well, N&V returned at 7 months and stayed with me until the day before he was born. the last week of pg was particularly horrendous.

my dear DS3 made up for it though as I had fab time giving birth - having had gentle contractions for about 20 hours, at 5am the contractions went boom, unbearable. we got to the hospital at 6am he was born at 6.35 am with 3 pushes!

I was physically sick only twice (2 days apart at 11 weeks) with DD through the whole pg, very easy.

others were in between in length and intensity.

I hope it will ease/disappear soon, I know you are desperate to feel better!

I took brewers yeast with DS3.
drank lots of fizzy drinks to help me burp, which eased the pressure in my tummy.
ginger can help too

you probably have your own tricks already.

big hugs - well small hugs, I don't want to squeeze you! grin

MrsMc82 Sat 27-Apr-13 08:54:17

Thanks so much amazing, not heard of taking brewers yeast am all for new tricks!
It's just so odd starting now rather than at the beginning with ds I was sometimes sick abt 5 times a day but only from 5-10 weeks and sure it wasn't as bad I am sure i remember breezing through it - dh remembers otherwise mind!

Am having jam on toast before getting up and definitely feel like snacks little and often eases the nausea not letting self get hungry and having loads of sweet drinks. ..... just don't seem to be able to cope with an actual meal which is so annoyings cos I still have a (raging) appetite!
Three other friends are due in sept too and are properly blooming and excited about the baby etc.... tho it is all of theirs firsts so maybe that makes a difference - sure that it was more fun being pregnant with ds......!

Newtobecomingamum Sat 27-Apr-13 18:01:51

I so feel your pain! I had terrible sickness from 5 weeks until 22 weeks and it seriously made me think about ever having another baby. It is so horrible and you feel so awful, only people who have really been through it can really understand. It really use to drive me mac when people would say oh.. It's just a bit of morning sickness or oh I had that for a few weeks etc! My sickness hasn't retuned (thank god!) and I feel human again. Things that did help me and I hope you find this useful, were potatoe waffles with ketchup, bread and lots of it, baked potatoe and ketchup, fizzy drink, pick and mix sweets. That's all I could eat for months and although I felt terribly guilty as I wasn't eating all ghe right stuff like veg, fruit etc the hospital/mw/doctors all said as long as you are eating something and keeping it down that was the main priority!! Don't force yourself to eat things you think you should be eating as this makes ghe sickness worse! I do hope you feel better soon! Big hugs X x

Newtobecomingamum Sat 27-Apr-13 18:02:23


Newtobecomingamum Sat 27-Apr-13 18:03:30

Stupid phone... The not ghe lol!

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