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Possible Alpha Thalassemia carrier

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WhatILoved Fri 26-Apr-13 21:14:58


I just got the blood test results back from booking in appt. I am 13+5 weeks. Someone had written in pen next to the results "all results normal". However I am now worried because when I read the printed text it said that I had a possible iron deficiency and/or am an Alpha Thalassemia carrier. It then said partner does not need to be tested.

My husband is Italian (I am white British). Shouldn't he be tested as he is of Mediterranean decent and therefore more likely to be a possible carrier too?

Just made the mistake of googling alpha thalassemia....

LittleMissLucy Sat 27-Apr-13 04:24:46

WhatILoved - Alpha Thalassemia MINOR may be what you're suspected of having. In which case you wouldn't need to get your DP tested. If it were AT MAJOR then you'd need him checked.

I was diagnosed with AT minor (pre-pregnancy) and was put on a course of iron supplements for 6 months. Occasionally now I need to remember to take multi-vitamins with iron, and that keeps it at bay.

Most importantly try not to worry about stuff you read about on the diagnostic sites, they do present worst case scenario.

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