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Bleeding during pregnancy

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Sazj86 Fri 26-Apr-13 12:47:05

Hey guys,

Just looking for a little advice. I got pregnant on the mini pill, however baby is much wanted. I am currently 7+4. Although since yesterday I had been spotting pink mucus blood, as the night went on I was experiencing stomach cramps and darker brown blood. Went to the out of hours GP who could not get me into the pregnancy unit until Monday! So I returned home, during the night was still spotting blood and then this morning passed a few clots about the size of 5-10p's. So I went to see my GP who again can not do anything until monday! So I stupidly decided to do clear blue digi which dates me at 2-3 weeks.. So in my head my HCG has gone down. My head is working over time now and I'm stressing big time! Monday seems so long away!! it even seems that my once sore breasts are no longer sore either. Both doctors told me its just a waiting game now, and rest up and don't stress... Easier said than done!!!! sad

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