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Am I miscarrying?

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cantheyseeme Thu 25-Apr-13 16:57:49

Im confused, i did a home test on tuesday morning, on tues afternoon i started bleeding it was gooey and pink like the start of a my period, now im bleeding like brown blood but only when i wipe. Sorry for TMI! I cant get an app with gp until Next Thurs so I dont really understand whats happening, this is my 2nd pregnancy, never had ANY bleeding with my first.

RJM17 Thu 25-Apr-13 17:41:02

If its brown blood it is normally old blood! I wouldn't wait til next week though. Can you call your local maternity hospital or tell the doctors its an emergency?? They have to keep appoinments for emergencies.
It could be nothing but always better to be checked.
Good luck and let us know how u get on x

GlitterySkulls Thu 25-Apr-13 23:18:53

Phone the EPU just to be on the safe side, but as RJM17 said, brown blood is usually old.

best of luck xx

Newtobecomingamum Thu 25-Apr-13 23:54:48

Def call the hospital and see someone from the Early Pregnancy Unit. They can do a Hgc blood test which measures the pregnancy hormone level and then they do another blood test again 48 hours. If it is a normal pregnancy the hormone levels would have doubled and will continue increasing etc. Unfortunatly, this is how I found out that mine wasn't normal/going ahead but at least I could start to deal with it and prepare myself. The not knowing was killing me and I felt a lot better once I had it confirmed. This does not mean that this is going to happen to you but they can do the test at the EPU. I wish you the best and will pray for you X

Newtobecomingamum Fri 26-Apr-13 00:00:56

Sorry HCG not HGC!! : (

Newtobecomingamum Fri 26-Apr-13 23:20:38

Cantheyseeme... How did you get on? X

QueenofDreams Fri 26-Apr-13 23:23:57

It's best to go to the hospital and get checked out. I recently thought I was having a miscarriage, went to the hospital and it turned out to be ectopic. Not trying to scaremonger or anything, but it's best to be safe.

SeriousStuff Fri 26-Apr-13 23:40:10

Try not to worry until you've been checked out. A lot of women get implantation bleeding which sounds similar to what you're describing. Mine was pale pink, and I'm 16 weeks today and heard my baby's heartbeat this afternoon.

I hope it goes well.

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