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Can you still get into the bath after you've lost your plug/your waters have gone?

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weeblueberry Thu 25-Apr-13 10:02:11

I assume the answer is yes since people keep having water births but just wanted to check.

Also if your plug has gone can you put things in the bath? ie bubble bath, pregnancy safe oils, ridiculously awesome exploding bath bombs from Lush? Just wondering about the risk of infection at that stage since you could potentially go another 2 weeks over then...?

MalcolmTuckersMyHero Thu 25-Apr-13 10:12:08

Definitely fine once you've lost your plug - it doesn't necessarily all come out in one go and I think I'm right in saying that it can grow back a bit. Mine came out after my first sweep and DS didn't come till 6 days later (after 2 more sweeps!), had a bath every day - complete with bubble bath - and a water birth and all fine. Main issue with baths that late in the day is not getting wedged in! A friend of mine had to sit in the bath for 2 hours till her DH came home because she got stuck shock

With your waters, I don't know but I don't think they leave you very long with your waters broken if there's no other signs of action before they'll induce you.

Good luck flowers

weeblueberry Thu 25-Apr-13 10:51:04

Thank you so much. Also your username made me smile very big grin

limetictacs Thu 25-Apr-13 18:34:21

I wouldn't recommend getting into the bath if you're in labour- I got stuck and had to call for help. Not the most dignified of positions to be in.

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