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Should my midwife be more concerned that my first labour was only 6 hours long?

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Cookethenook Thu 25-Apr-13 08:43:32

I know it's rather late in the day to be asking this (35+3) but i was reading a thread on here yesterday about short labour and it's been worrying me.

My first labour was 6 hours long. My waters gushed at 3 in the morning, contractions followed and he was born just before 9am. I have a feeling that my labour would have been much quicker if they hadn't kept me on the bed for the whole thing.

I mentioned the fact that my first labour was rather quick to my midwife on my booking appointment, but unfortunately, i've had a different one at every midwife appointment that i've had, so i'm not sure that the message has got through. I now live 30 mins away from hospital, 45-1 hour in rush hour and am considered high risk because of another medical condition so it's essential that i give birth in hospital (vaginal delivery should be fine, but cesarian would be quite complicated). I haven't received any advice about what to do if my labour is significantly quicker than last time, so i'm really quite clueless about what i'd do in that situation.

To add to this, i lost my mucus plug yesterday and i don't have another appointment until next thursday, so i'm a bit concerned that if i don't do something now, i could lose my window to get any advice about it at all.

Any experience/advice?

TheFalconsmistress Thu 25-Apr-13 08:58:06

My first labour was 4hrs long I was told to go in as soon as I feel it beginning this time and explain on the call that my 1st labour was so short they should admit you as soon as, hope that helps xx

TinkyPeet Thu 25-Apr-13 09:04:53

My first labour was 2 hours, was told to go straight in when anything happe ed second time, but was induced at 39 and looking likely ill be induced earlier this time. Perhaps phone the delivery suite and ask what their advice would be x

brainonastick Thu 25-Apr-13 09:06:28

My midwife told me that most unexpected homebirths happen to women who have had a fast labour first time around.... Maybe get her to run through what you and your partner should do if you don't make it to the hospital?

harleyd Thu 25-Apr-13 10:17:46

ive had 4 very quick labours which thankfully have all been in hospital, i would be terrified of starting labour at home and am considering pitching a tent outside the hospital this time just in case. speak to your midwife about your concerns

Cookethenook Thu 25-Apr-13 17:07:03

Thank you! Just googled and printed 'emergency home birth procedure' to keep with my notes, just in case.

Shaiandbump Thu 25-Apr-13 20:25:06

I feel like I'm missing something here, my first birth was 2 hours... My midwife knows this but she hasn't even mentioned labour or a birth plan. I'm 36+5 so at my next appointment (39 weeks) I'll have to ask for some advice ... Thank god for mn

blueberryboybait Thu 25-Apr-13 20:28:19

My first labour was 7 hours and second was 38 minutes - at first contraction I rang the unit and they said 'You don't sound in labour', I told DH to ignore them and 35 minute after the first contraction we arrived in delivery suite, DD2 arrived minutes later despite not being in labour!

brainonastick Thu 25-Apr-13 21:37:15

By the way, she also said that unexpectedly fast births were usually less complicated (apart from the shock factor of it happening so fast), so not to panic you!

thedevilisinthedetail Thu 25-Apr-13 21:48:34

tinkypeet how quick was your induced labour? I've had two labours already but might have to be induced this time, so wondering how it might compare.

cook are you able to call your midwife/a midwife and ask advice?

midori1999 Thu 25-Apr-13 22:34:31

I think very short labours (where you can't get to hospital in time) are fairly unusual.

My first labour was 6 hours, second 4 hours, third 3 hours, fourth 5 hours (although I went from 2cm to a baby being out in 45 mins) and 5th was 6 hours. I lived an hour away from the hospital for my last and am high risk, but no one seemed concerned and I wasn't either, I just felt there was no point worrying.

TinkyPeet Fri 26-Apr-13 01:02:36

Well, it took 3 attempts at pessary to get things going, when it did start contractions started roughly 9.45 pm, just before they were gonna send dh home again at 10, went round to delivery suite at 11.30pm, they knocked me out with diamorphine as they were v busy, woke up at 3.15am and dd popped out at 3.29 am lol. X

TinkyPeet Fri 26-Apr-13 01:05:03

Each pessary is left in for 24 hours btw. But my cervix was still very high up and far back so be quicker if not. The lady oposite me started contracting about an hour after her first pessary went in so I suppose it works differently for everyone x

TeWiSavesTheDay Fri 26-Apr-13 06:53:59

At this point I would make sure you have a good chat to your MW about it, and see what they suggest.

To reassure you I had a fast labour 8hrs starting with waters breaking, but not with my second (16hrs!) I think I had a silent pre-labour with my first and not with my 2nd.

elliejjtiny Fri 26-Apr-13 10:26:58

My first labour was 4.5 hours, 2nd was 1.5 hours and 3rd was just over 2 hours. Nobody proffessional has expressed any concern about not getting to hospital on time although a registrar said I could be induced with DS3 if I was worried about it.

ChasingSquirrels Fri 26-Apr-13 10:34:46

My first was 2 hours.
Second was a planned home birth - partly due to speed, and mainly due to ease, of first. Turned out to be a 15 min unassisted home birth.

In general don't fast births tend to happen where there aren't any complications, not where intervention is required.

Talk to your midwife, do a little research on fast deliveries and go in as soon as you feel you need to.

rrreow Fri 26-Apr-13 11:44:35

Does anyone know if a quick induced labour also counts as a quick labour? I had one pessary overnight (didn't do much apart from give me some cramps, no regular contractions), then they broke my waters and DS was born only 3 hours later.

PiHigh Fri 26-Apr-13 11:58:36

My first labour was 2 hours, so I planned a homebirth for No 2 and the midwives spent an evening instructing me what to do if it happened before they could get there (I had independent midwives and they spent about an hour going through worries about a fast labour again). As it happened No 2 was back to back and I was in labour for 20 hours but once she turned it took under 30 mins for her to be born.

candr Fri 26-Apr-13 20:50:48

My first was 4 hours so have been told not to be too far away from a hospitle from 36 weeks this time and have banned DH from doing long distance or overnight jobs then too. Have a plan for someone looking after your DC at short notice and make sure car has gas etc and bag is by door ready from 36 weeks - anything to make the thought less stressful for you. I have been told to ring for ambulance if necessary as lost lots of blood first time round so not reccommended for home birth (water birth plan out the window too!).

ProtegeMoi Fri 26-Apr-13 21:03:10

I had quick labours.

2 and a half hours with the first
27 minutes with the second and
16 minutes with the third

They only be concerned if your classed as precipitate labour and your labour time is shorter than your journey. I live an hour away from the hospital.

Second was born in the ambulance on route and with the third I was in hospital when labour started.

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