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When should I test?

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HelenBackAgain Thu 25-Apr-13 00:44:00

Hi again guys :D

Long story short- had af 28th march and I worked out my cycles to be 30-31 days. I worked it out on plenty of calculators rather than have those ovulation sticks, just to see if it works if not that's next option.

So, 'supposedly' my fertile days were 9th-15th april with 14th being ovulation day. I dtd on the 7th (not close but still thought i'd add) 9th and 13th. I was ttc a girl so didn't dtd as often, but I wasworried it was not enough and then night before supposed ovulation day dtd again.

Just tonight I have noticed my breasts are sore and feeling full. Nipples don't really feel much different, a tiny bit sensitive if anything, but this could be because af is on her way.

When would the earliest be for me to test if af does not come on the 28th april as 'predicted'? I've got two cheapo strips that are just screaming for me to use but I think it's too early yet and don't want a false positive, lol.

syl1985 Thu 25-Apr-13 01:01:53

If you can't wait to test. I suggest to go online to, I think it was, ebay.

I couldn't wait to do the test either. There I brought 50 pregnancy test strips for a couple of pounds.

Very cheap, but they do the job. I wasn't even 2 weeks pregnant yet or I got my positive result.

There're several for sale over there. I choice the ones that are the most sensitive of pregnancy tests.

First I did the test with morning urine and later in the afternoon. But both clearly visible positive results. So nice to have pregnancy tests that you can use on any time of the day. Instead of trying to fall in sleep and as impatient as a child on Christmas morning do the pregnancy test.


cuckooplusone Thu 25-Apr-13 05:23:25

I have the same sort of cycle, tend to ovulate on day 16/17 of 30/31 day cycle. I found that I never tested positive until a few days after period was due. I managed to hold out until day 36 to test this time and got my positive test! So don't worry if early tests are neg, just try again few days later.

Twinklestarstwinklestars Thu 25-Apr-13 06:34:23

I got a faint positive at 3 weeks 5 days with daytime urine, I used the cheapie ones too then went and got a digital to confirm.

Good luck.

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