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Small fetal head circumference in growth scan

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Mkmamma Thu 25-Apr-13 00:10:21


I have gestational diabetes so am having regular growth scans to ensure the baby doesn't get too fat. They look at the abdominal circumference to check the sugar levels aren't increasing my baby's growth but they also check the head circumference and fetal length.

At my 28 wk scan, head circumference was around the 35th percentile. Abdominal circumference around the 50th percentile and femur length 60th percentile. Now at the 32 wk scan the head is smaller at around the 25th percentile, abdominal circumference at the 50th percentile and femur length at 65th percentile.

My question is, should I be worried about the head circumference? I only saw the sonographer and will not see a consultant. I'm seeing the diabetes clinic on fri and will see if I can meet the consultant then but I'm worried they won't want to see me as the abdominal circumference is fine.

Any advice or reassurance appreciated.

crazyhead Thu 25-Apr-13 07:25:41

It doesn't sound worrying. How big is your own head? I had the exact opposite - baby with way larger head than other measurements (that got larger - 98th percentile) which is still the case at 18 months. OH and I both have large bonces and so I never worried, except for what was going to happen at birth. Which turned out to be a section!

Remember in grown up life you get short people with big heads and vice versa and this may already be kicking in - and your baby is well within normal anyway.

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