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Please tell me I will lose this baby weight

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Clarabell78 Wed 24-Apr-13 17:58:21

Am trying so hard not to let it get to me but I'm struggling so much. I'm 29weeks and have gained 2 stone. Severe spd from about 18 wks onwards has left me pretty immobile and the weight has piled on. From someone who used to be super active and slim I've gone to someone completely uncomfortable with my size and inactive. I'm so scared that after my baby is here I won't be able to get the weight off and it's really getting me down :-(

afrikat Thu 25-Apr-13 14:14:57

This thread is really helping me. I am 19 weeks and struggling so much with what pregnancy is doing to my body. I have gone from a v fit and strong size 8-10, something I worked hard at via running and lots of gym work to feeling just...gross. It doesn't help that I spent the first half of last year losing 2 1/2 stone of weight that had creeped on over the years - I was maintaining at my goal weight and felt amazing but now I feel I am back to where I was. I know I am not and that I am supposed to be bigger as I am pregnant but I hate it!
It doesn't help that up to now I have felt too ill to do much of anything and I get out of breath walking too fast (I was running up to 10 miles in January) so I have lost all my toning. Now I am feeling better I am going to concentrate on keeping my core strong with Pilates and doing as much walking as possible - what matters at the moment is being fit for the birth and I will deal with the weight loss afterwards. I am going to presume I will have to work at it and it won't just 'fall off' (am not that lucky!) but if you slowly work at it and really commit, it WILL come off

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