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Argh! Receptionists!!!!!

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RhiRhi87 Tue 23-Apr-13 15:17:58

This is just an excuse to rant! Was supposed to be having my 25 week app today and when I got to the doctors there was no record of it! It had had been written in my book but not put on their system. I'm so annoyed! Ive had time iff work for no reason. Probably over reacting but I wanted to cry! Quite proud of myself for not screaming at the lady who told me this, it wasn't her who made the appointment. What happens at the 25 week appointment? I have to wait till next Tuesday for mine now. Not a big deal (although it feels like a major one right now! Lol)
Rant over. Thank you smile

monniemae Tue 23-Apr-13 15:27:07

UGH. I changed GPs (moved house and old GP too far to waddle). I treble checked with the new GP receptionist that the in-house midwife saw all pregnant patients and not just ones having their baby at a specific hospital - I'm booked at Kings, but the midwife is from Lewisham. No, no, they promised, she sees all pregnant patients, wherever they are booked.

16 week appointment rolls round, after being screamed at by my boss about "all these appointments and time off" I managed to make it there. Walked in, midwife said hello, we've not met before, can I just check your having your baby at Lewisham as I don't see any other patients....

I burst into hysterical, inconsolable sobs.

The following week I managed to squeeze in an appointment with the hospital midwives but I forgot my notes and the receptionist tried to send me away, then made about four phone calls in front of the waiting room about "the woman who has Not Brought Her Notes", then lectured me about it, then I had my blood pressure taken by a midwife who said there was nothing else she would do for me without my notes. Apart from another lecture.

So I am with you! Am hoping I'll have stopped weeping / raging by the 25 week appointment....

Lydia161290 Tue 23-Apr-13 15:37:59

Hey, don't worry about about the rant. I was almost in tears when I went for my 25 week appointment with my midwife because the bus came late and I thought I was going to miss my appointment! My DP was looking at me like I was crazy, turns out I was 15 minutes early!

Anyway, at the appointment, my folder was updated, she checked my blood pressure, my wee, my bump size and we listened to the babies heartbeat. Just book an appointment asap, you should be okay.

SourSweets Tue 23-Apr-13 15:38:40

Oh dear! I was called by a (not my usual) midwife who gave me an absolute bollocking for missing all of my appointments to date. I kept insisting I hadn't and she kept saying "I've seen you, you came in the other day and I personally spoke to you about this" I was utterly confused, turns out she was looking at someone else's notes.

At the 25 week I think they just measure your belly, listen to the heartbeat again and talk to you about the usual stuff, nutrition, classes etc. I had one at 23 weeks which I'm guessing was supposed to be the 25 week (?)

beth27123 Tue 23-Apr-13 16:01:21

I asked for my booking in appointment this afternoon, the receptionist looked me up and down and simply said.."oh." erm yes? Problem? Old bat.

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