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feeling clueless in 2nd pg.

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spinamum Tue 16-May-06 12:48:19

i'm 8wks. Ds is 2.5. When I was pg with him,i was a total expert about pg. what to eat, when not to do tummy massage,etc etc etc.

this time i feel totally clueless. i feel like i'm winging it.

Is this normal to be less obsessed or is it distraction from older child?

I'm no less paranoid that i'll lose baby.

DH seems more casual about my diet too. Keeps saying "it'll be fine" when I ponder on whether I should eat something suspicious.Example we've got some weddings to go to in the next few months and we're repling now. So i'm wondering whether to tell people i'm pg so that i can avoid the blue cheese,rare beef and sushi that I'll be served!

Did/does anyone else feel like this? I don't feel more relaxed about this pg. I really do feel like I haven't a clue!

Imafairy Wed 17-May-06 09:42:08

Hi spinamum - in my experience it's perfectly normal to be less wrapped up in the second pregnancy. First time around I knew exactly what I should and shouldn't be eating, what stage of development baby was at (to the day!), and basically DH and my world revolved around the pregnancy. 2nd time around, have been so busy with work, and having a 2.5 year old that the whole pregnancy basically passed unnoticed until I started maternity leave a few weeks ago. DH is definitely less interested in this pregnancy, but bnot less interested in the outcome IYKWIM, but talking to friends it seems that that's pretty common.
As for the weddings, I personally wouldn't say anothing about dietary requirements till closer to the date.
Congrats, by the way!

spinamum Fri 19-May-06 18:49:51

Thanks, Imafairy. i have friends who said when they were pg with no 2 that their pgnancies whizzed by, but i didn't realise that once i gave birth to ds1 all the "useful" pg stuff would disappear cos no longer needed and i had to figure out b/fing,nappies,sleep depravation and mantaining the sex kitten within while still being a responsilbe competent mother!

I can't work any of the above out BTW

Thanks for your support. i feel normal.

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