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far TMI sorry!

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ditsydoll Sun 21-Apr-13 21:19:27

Ok so I really should go to the doctors but iv got a home visit with midwife so will discuss it with her but just wanted any advice of the mnetters in the mean time.

I basically think I may have a slight vaginal prolapse. I'm 35 weeks and have been feeling a little uncomfortable underneath. I decided to have a look with a mirror and I can't see my h just what looks like a small pink bulge on my back wall of my vagina. Does this sound like a prolapse or just possibly too much pressure from baby?

Also wanted to ask, what kind of discharge is normal in pregnancy? I'm not itchy or sore and it has no odor but I have an awful lot of pale and sometimes quite yellow discharge.

Thanks to anyone who can answer either question x

Happybmum Sun 21-Apr-13 21:58:38

Ok, think I've got exactly the same, and pretty sure it's prolapse, but info seems to say it can disappear quite quickly after having the baby (doesn't always but fingers crossed!) so I'm just doing my pelvic floor exercises religiously!

ditsydoll Sun 21-Apr-13 23:15:59

Iv always done my pelvic floors but doesn't seem to have helped, lol fingers crossed x

TinkyPeet Sun 21-Apr-13 23:29:51

No idea about the prolapse question but with regards to discharge I think it goes on your normal levels of discharge as to what doesn't look right. I'm sadly one of the unlucky ones that gets lots of the stuff despite all attempts to keep myself clean and dry all day. Bit embarrassing at late preggo examinations etc....worth asking your midwife though if you think you may have an infection of some sort xx

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