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BOOBS. What happened to yours during and after pregnancy?

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Umlauf Sun 21-Apr-13 11:39:27

I'm 17 weeks and have gone from a nice, ample but manageable 28G to a pair of beach balls 30H already. I know they are going to, in all likelihood, go up even more towards the end and during breast feeding which I'm planning to try for at least the first 6 months if I can.

I'm only 5ft4 and I look so bloody ridiculous. None of my clothes fit, and the bump isn't a problem. I have always HATED my boobs anyway and this is just torture.

Please someone tell me lovely stories about how yours got smaller after feeding? I've come to terms with sagginess, but I can't handle the sheer size of them and am looking at reductions if I need to as a last resort. Selfishly also wondering whether breast feeding isn't the way for me to go if ill be this miserable about them, so positive breast feeding stories would be lovely too.

ps If anyone dares tell me to enjoy having big boobs while they are here I will smash my ipad to pieces and curse you to gargantuan mammaries forever!!!!

HeffalumpTheFlump Sun 21-Apr-13 11:46:34

I'm sure having balloons that big must be a pain in the bum but I'm still a bit jealous to be honest!! My boobs have gone from a pretty flat b cup to a much fuller b cup maybe a small c if I pretend hard enough lol. I'm 15 weeks and I really hope mine are gna keep growing through this pregnancy coz it's the only time I will ever get to have a proper bust I think! Never mind! Sorry to hear you are uncomfortable tho sad

Umlauf Sun 21-Apr-13 11:51:22

I'm sure I can help with the jealously! You have to hold on while you go up and down stairs. They are incredibly painful. The teenagers I teach snigger at them all the time. Random men in the street occasionally think its ok to try and have a grope. I have to wear a bikini in the shower to help with the pain. My bras all cost at least £30 and I keep having to buy new ones to cope with the growth. Also the bikinis! Women make very bitchy comments on the beach about how much of a bimbo I must be. You can forget lying on your front and shopping in topshop/zara/h&m etc! Can't wear anything strapless or even strappy as bras for gargantuan boobs have inch thick straps. Strangers stare. All the bloody time. And they just keep on growing.

I would do almost anything to have boobs your size! Grass always greener and that!

SingSongMummy Sun 21-Apr-13 12:19:47

Mine went from 32E to a G/H during pregnancy (twice) and bf - one tip is to look at the Anita range of underwired maternity and feeding bras which helped a lot! Mine have now returned to a 32E but are much less 'full' than before and don't look as big as they did pre pregnancy!

HopefullA Sun 21-Apr-13 12:21:05

Oh god love you. I am like Heffalump - mine have gone to a healthy B cup, maybe a C cup if im having abloated day but a friend of mine is tortured with hers- she actually carries them to teh loo in the night so they dont 'drop' as it hurts more.
mine are killing me and they are small so i can only imagine how hard it is.
however, my hubbie is loving the new boobs so i cant complain, though my nipples feel like htey are on fire so he gets a good dirty look each time he wants to cop a feel!!!

butterflyexperience Sun 21-Apr-13 12:32:17

It's not nice to be in pain and when ppl don't take you seriously hmm

Iam shock at groping in street! Can you carry a pepper spray and spray when a fool tries it?

I was a b cup before dc went to e when bf.
Then shrunk to a c when stopped bf.

Hated being big, nothing fit missed my old fashion.

Neiffer Sun 21-Apr-13 12:35:22

Sorry, mine have just got worse and worse sad I was a 30g before first baby, went up to a 34kk at the peak of Breastfeeding. They went back to a 29 weeks pregnant with dc2 and am currently a 34j and rapidly expanding. I've always hated my boobs and hate them even more now. I'm embarrassed to go bra less at any point, even bed, and am really uncomfortable without one anyway. God knows what size ill be whdn milk comes in sad you can get nursing bras from rare sites for giant boobs. I'd save for a reduction but don't think I can justify unnecessary surgery and the risk. I hate the wsy i look pregnsnt this time as my boobs are just ridiculous. Sorry, I know that won't make you feel better but you are definitely not alone x

cyclecamper Sun 21-Apr-13 12:50:05

Mine have gone from 32E to 34E (ish, I'm not spending money on new bras until they settle), which is actually easier. At 32 weeks pregnant, they have so far stayed about the same size since week 16 or so, although I have a stash of my sister's nursing bras in lots of sizes to keep me going until they even out later - up to pretty large. There should be some kind of bra library for those of us for whom 20 bras in 6 months is not a reasonable propect.

I have total sympathy with the size - when I was a size 8-10 a few years ago I was a 28FF or G. I never stayed that slim for long thoughblush. When I was a teenager I regularly got groped and my BF at the time was once told 'she should expect it' when he complained angry.

Branleuse Sun 21-Apr-13 13:06:52

mine went from a 30B/C to a 34ff/G and then back down again, and left me with 2 deflated spaniels ears

After I finished breastfeeding my last baby (dc3) I got them fixed (uplift and modest implants) and got myself sterilised

extracrunchy Sun 21-Apr-13 13:12:38

Giant humungous porn star boobies through pregnancy and breast feeding, now sad floppy little things grin

HeffalumpTheFlump Sun 21-Apr-13 14:02:50

Yep you have cured me of my jealousy, that sounds awful I'm so sorry ur going through all that. If someone groped me in the street I would punch them straight in the face, no hesitation. Iv been groped in clubs when I have made it clear I'm not interested and reacted very badly pre pregnancy, so if someone did it now I think I would explode. I would definitely not enjoy boobies that big then, but just a little bit of cleavage would be nice.. Just to look a little bit more womanly you know? You are so right bout the grass being greener though!

SomethingOnce Sun 21-Apr-13 15:20:05

B/C cup before pregnancy, some growth during, whopping F during breastfeeding, then back to B/C.

They're not as firm as they were but not as bad as I'd feared.

SomethingOnce Sun 21-Apr-13 15:21:33

And who the fuck are these gropers? Who raises boys to become such dreadful men?!

cyclecamper Sun 21-Apr-13 15:27:49

And men who feel it's an entitlement to grope. I once got a black eye in a night club when I was 18, when I told a friend's BF to piss off when he was groping me. He thumped me.

HeffalumpTheFlump Sun 21-Apr-13 16:00:24

Cycle camper I really feel your pain. I got a drink (glass and all) thrown at me when out clubbing because I pushed a man away from me when he was trying to cop a feel :/ I seriously don't go out dressed provocatively either and was there with my DH?! Sorry to go off topic!

Umlauf Sun 21-Apr-13 16:15:23

thank goodness there are lots of back to normals! can i ask how log you breastfed for? im seriously concerned my boob problem is putting me off breastfeeding so much, and am dreading doing it tbh, but at the same time feel like i have to.
heffa dont get me wrong, i wouldnt like no boobs at all, but I reached he handful stage aged 12. they were the perfect size then!!!

Astr0naut Sun 21-Apr-13 16:25:41

I went 32 e 34 G. 4 months after finishing feeding dc2, I'm kind of 32e again but floppy, and they're shrinking by the day sad and I am gutted. I could live with a bit floppy, but there' 'll soon be nothing left.

Astr0naut Sun 21-Apr-13 16:28:43

9 months and 14 months. found boobs got smaller after a couple of months.
I looked like Jordan on day 4, when the milk came in. midwife said they' d be as big and hard as tennis balls, then looked at my then ample bosom and revised it to melons!

SomethingOnce Sun 21-Apr-13 18:05:31

I BF for just under two years.

From what you've said I understand why you're ambivalent about BF but your boobs will be big at the end of pregnancy anyway, so why not give the BF a go and see how you feel. If you don't feel able to continue, at least you'll have given colostrum and maybe a few weeks of milk and will be deciding based on experience.

You may find, when your baby arrives, that you don't worry about the same things and this boob problem may not bother you in the same way, or at all. I certainly found that my whole body felt 'repurposed' and previous anxieties became sort of... irrelevant.

Bunbaker Sun 21-Apr-13 18:08:56

I went from a 34AA to a 34A and back to 34AA (they are in fact a 32B thanks to the brilliant bra threads on here)

That wasn't much help was it!

cuckooplusone Sun 21-Apr-13 18:11:32


I was a 34e before first preg, went up to 36g and settled back at 34g. This time so far I am around the same size still at 11 weeks but just feeling heavier and fuller. I didn't find bf a prob for size last time, just felt like cannonballs!

So, starting from where you are, I would hope that you don't go up too much like me!

And seriously, blokes are horrendous - although never happened to me oddly - bum has been pinched a lot in the past - don't get out so much these days

13loki Sun 21-Apr-13 18:25:13

Sorry. before DC1, I was 32FF. When he was born I was a 32JJ, went down to a 32H after months, then with DC2, went to 32K/L am now 32J. God knows what will happen after this one! My mum lost her boobs after feeding my sisters and me. I wish I would.

cairnterrier Sun 21-Apr-13 18:26:50

32C before

38EE at most

34B now.

BabyHMummy Sun 21-Apr-13 18:31:02

Op i has a 36g pre pg and am know abouta h cup and getting bigger. It is driving me demented as the are painful and i hate non world bras as thy are not comfy so am resisting maternity ones at the moment. You have my sympathy! I am hoping that hey deflated once she has arrived.

The only plus side is that dp is a book man (good job really) & currently thanks all his christmas's have come ay once

nenevomito Sun 21-Apr-13 18:35:54

36 F before kids
38 H during
36 GG now. Wish they'd gone back to where they were before.

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