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Early scan question

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Alexandra6 Sat 20-Apr-13 17:35:06

Hi, I had an 8 week scan this morning and am so happy, the baby was there with a heart beat! Was amazing. The sonographer said all looked good, but she did check my ovaries too and said the right was enlarged with a volume of 49ml, and contains several follicles and a corpus luteum. It says the left is normal. No free fluid seen (I'm copying this from my notes by the way, wasn't really listening at the scan - too busy thinking "Woop I just saw our baby!!!")

I took clomid and have PCOS - she said they would need to keep an eye on the ovary in later scans. Has anyone else had this or any ovary probs in pregnancy?

Lolapink Sat 20-Apr-13 17:38:35

I got enlarged ovaries with a cyst on my right ovary, I to am 8 weeks. Mine is due to IVF treatment and I was told not worry it would settle down.
It does sound like maybe it could have been due to the chlomid. But if you are worried check with your GP.

Alexandra6 Sun 21-Apr-13 09:42:23

Thanks, my GP is always honest and will say impossible for her to know but she's happy to refer me for scans etc, but I have my hospital book in/scan in three and a half weeks so hopefully, as there was no free fluid or pain, I can wait until then and try not to worry about that. It's good they told you it would just settle down on its own.

2Labradors Sun 21-Apr-13 10:39:14

I paid for a scan yesterday, was 8 weeks 4 days and was found to have a cyst on my right ovary. She said it was quite normal for this stage, something to do with the egg being released from the ovary and the mixture of hormones. She said its likely to have shrunk by 12 week scan so I will mention it at the time I think.

Mine says no free fluid too

Cavort Sun 21-Apr-13 11:59:36

Hi Alex <waves>, I'm so glad your scan went well! smile

I had a scan at 9 weeks due to bleeding and they saw a cyst on one of my ovaries, which had disappeared completely by the 12 week scan.

There are loads of hormones floating about in early pregnancy doing all kinds of freaky things to our bodies so if your health care professionals don't seem concerned by it neither should you be. The important thing is baby is doing fine grin

SeriousStuff Sun 21-Apr-13 12:38:21

I had a huge cyst on my left ovary when I had my first scan (at 5+2 weeks). But by 7+3 it had completely disappeared! Apparently, it's caused by the hormonal surge, and shows that your body is doing what it needs to give your baby the best start.

It's good they've spotted it now because they can keep an eye on it - try not to worry as they will provide you with an update at your next scan.

Alexandra6 Mon 22-Apr-13 15:01:24

Thanks, it doesn't acually say 'cyst' in my notes, just enlarged, wonder if that's the same thing - or a sign of a cyst? She did show me on the screen and said it was large and a strange shape. Hopefully it won't cause problems either, only three and a half weeks to my next scan smile Glad yours didn't cause you any probs serious and cavort!

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