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back/hip/pelvic pain

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IAteTheCake Sat 20-Apr-13 14:06:08

I've got a bad lower back since 2009 main issue is the sacroiliac joint on left hand was made worse by pregnancy in 2011 and now 22 weeks pregnant with dc2. My lower left back has been niggling but over the past few days I now have pain and stiffness across the whole of my lower back, pain in my hips and pubic bone. Walking too far gives me sharp pains and I cannot get comfy sitting, standing or sleeping.... Physio (f) says to try a pelvic support belt, but can't help more as I can't do the excercises without making my back worse...chiropractor (m) says not to get a belt and just stretch out my back when I can....I am confused as to what to do, at this point will try anything to ease discomfort.....can anyone help with any advice re back/pelvis pain in pregnancy? feel like such an old!!

Jenjen85 Sat 20-Apr-13 15:59:20

You could try a tubogrip from under your bust to your hips (doubled over) as Iv been having back/hip pain an that's what the physio recommended for me. Helped me a lot at night as I could never get comfy in bed or sleep (don't wear it in bed tho just supports me during the day) has helped during the day too as it eases the pain a bit but still find I get back ache

LadyMedea Sat 20-Apr-13 16:15:27

Are yOu getting hands on treatment from your physio or just advice? NHS physio don't seem to really do hands on so I have a private physio on standby. She's makes such a difference to my SI whether I can exercise or not (other health stuff). Just a proper physio massage unlocks everything and you really sound locked up.

Not sure if you can still lie on your back at your stage of pregnancy but you can also use them standing up - miracle balls. A tenner from amazon, little physio balls which are my other lifesaver.

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