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Feeling desperate and worried, 2nd labor....

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Mummy252 Fri 19-Apr-13 22:40:01

Ok. So I had dd 20 months ago, she came 41+10 after I'd had 2 membrane sweeps, 46 hour labor, csection at the end anyway and was generally just a nightmare.
The problem was that my body just didn't know what it was doing, even after being given drugs at the end to enhance my contractions they wouldn't stay longer than 20-30 seconds and really weren't intense, apparently. I took forever to get to 7cm, walked miles bounced on balls etc and nothing worked, like I said it was just like my body didn't know what to do, I also got very little milk, like virtually none. My hormones just didn't work. My boobs didn't even get sore really!
Anyway, I'm now preggo 37weeks today with no2. I really don't want another c-section, but because even drugs didn't work on me last time my dr has advised a planned section to avoid another emergency.
I am considering it but I'd so like to do it normally. I'm not over weight, I'm healthy, 27 years old etc so don't know why my body just didn't react.
Anyway, I'm starting taking evening primrose oil and starflower oil both orally and vaginally, raspberry leaf tea on the go and have ordered some caullophylum 200c. Have also been "having a fiddle" around with my cervix as despite wanting to give me a csection at 39 weeksthey won't do a membrane sweep before 41??? Go figure!!
Prob is because nothing worked last time I still don't feel like I know what I should be feeling, what's a contraction, I don't think I have any BH"s this or last time, I don't know what my cervix should feel like if its ripe etc n I'm just finding I'm totally fixated on trying to get myself into labor. All the things I'm trying are supposed to help enhance contractions which was the main issue last time, hubby doesn't get it, he thinks a planned section would be best but there's just something in me that wants vbac.
So ladies, am I kidding myself??

Ginga66 Sat 20-Apr-13 00:47:45

I didn't want to leave you on your own with this.
I can't say I identify as have had two vaginal births but first one was 23 hrs, needed epidural and ventouse and episiotomy.
My body was bit slow on uptake I suppose.
Second one eight hrs much more natural.
As long as your baby is not in distress maybe go for natural to start?

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