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Trying not get get offended with peoples comments on bump!!!

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mrspaddy Fri 19-Apr-13 18:13:44

Rant needed. I am a teacher and work in a fairly conservative but friendly school. Lately our Deputy Principal (older very refined type of women) has come into my class when I am on my own to state, 'oh my your boobs are getting big' or ' I was telling xyz that you are getting as big as a house'. It's totally unprofessional. My mum also loves telling stories of women who went bald after childbirth or teeth falling out.
Anyway it is thankfully it is Friday. Rant over.

Teaandflapjacks Sat 20-Apr-13 11:15:39

ahhh I know - it's so annoying. My aunt (well my DH's aunt) said when we announced the pregnancy 'I knew it, your boobs are huge, first thing I thought' in front of a whole stack of my in laws, including BIL & FIL - (in german too- good job I can understand what was being said!!)) - I was mortified. Then of course, everyone had a good look at my boobs. My MIL plonks her hands on my stomach every time I see her, all that side of the family do, it is so annoying. I really feel like saying 'shall I shove my hands all over your tums them too - see how you like it!' To me it is a total invasion of personal space. But I don't, as I worry about offending, and they are really nice people apart from that. I have instead taken to wearing large scarfs and pashminas round my neck when we see them and stand a bit further back, hoping they get the hint. Plus when the baby comes, loads of people smoke in germany, I don't want nicotine stumps chucking my little ones face hmm

mrspaddy Sat 20-Apr-13 17:45:15

Girls thank you so much.. these posts have really cheered me up.. I read a good line there.. Pregnancy is a spectator sport.. ha ha .. so true, so true.

cuckooplusone Sat 20-Apr-13 21:23:56

I remember a colleague saying to me last pregnancy something like "you don't just have a bump do you, you are just pregnant all over"

Thanks for that

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