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Young mums-to-be?

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Dittle Fri 19-Apr-13 16:48:26

Hey smile

I'm just new to this so bear with me :P

I was just wondering if there are any young mums-to-be on mumsnet? I'm 18 and recently found out that I'm two months pregnant and I would like to chat to other people in a similar situation.

So... yeah, that's all I have to say. smile

Bloob Sun 01-Sep-13 22:48:01


I've never really been on a thread like this before but I can't tell anyone else I'm pregnant yet and I'm excited! - I'm only 5 weeks smile

This is my third dc. I have dd who is 4.1 and ds who is 14 months. I think I may have lost my mind grin

Oh and I'm 23. I found age to be an issue when I had dd as I lived in a really unfriendly area. It was awful. I was so lonely.
Now however, I have a great group of (mostly older tbh) friends and its a total non-issue. You do get a lot of narrow minded people, but to be honest, if it wasn't age they were judging you on, it would be something else.

BunInMyOven93 Mon 02-Sep-13 00:09:42

Hi smile. Im 20 and 27weeks pregnant. Due 2nd.december!! smile having a little girl. Wasnt a planned baby but we're very excited! smile

chillisbopper Mon 02-Sep-13 01:08:24

Hi smile

Congratulations thanks the 12 week scan is so wonderful I couldn't believe how 'human' our boy looked so young! 20 week scan was great to compare his growth and see things in better detail. I had to have additional scanning so I now have 7 lovely photos and got another scan in a couple of weeks! I love them I find them so reassuring and I get so excited seeing him grin

I'm 21 and 27+3 with our first, a boy grin. Due in late November just after my 22nd birthday (october) and DH's 30th (early November). It's going to be such a nice Christmas!! smile

I have a large family and one of my sisters had a baby when she was 17, another 2 were 22 when they had their firsts. So I've not had any of the "you're too young" comments thankfully. But I did feel so awkward buying the pregnancy tests, I had DH go to the till the first ones and when I wanted more to confirm I payed left handed so my wedding ring was showing incase anybody decided to say anything lol. I've had a fair few "how will you afford a baby" comments but my husband works long hard hours so we are doing okay I'm not too concerned thankfully smile.

But I know what you mean when people judge by age. When I went back to college at 19 I was engaged and we had to do that usual intro stuff "say something interesting about yourself" kinda thing, I literally had nothing else to say except that I was getting married in 5 months, at that time I was kinda one track tutor turned around and said "why?!" in such a disapproving manner I was so annoyed! I was 20 when we got married in February 2012. Sooo many people also thought it must be because I was pregnant as I was "so young!". I just think age is a state of mind, just because you're young doesn't mean you'll be a bad mother or wife or that you're not ready for it.

Incidentally I am returning to university to do law in October just before I'm due! So that should be fun grin. My mum had her first at 17 and by 26 she was a single mother with 6 children aged between 8.5 and new born (that sounds bad but her partner - oldest 3s dad died and my dad her husband left for door when I was a baby) anyway she got her phd while working to support us all on her own, I always think if she could do it anybody can smile

MultipleMama Mon 02-Sep-13 01:49:22

Chilli - I married young too, I was 19. My mum had me when she was 20 and my dad was 21 so they were always supportive and the fact that DH and I were together and planned to be traditional and get married (even those ds1 was born first!).

I have over 30 scan photos due to constant scans and monitoring. Also have a 3D scan and video. They're in the twins memory book. It's crazy and all too real when they start to get facial features!

Most comments came from seeing a pregnant teenager and older man (DH is only 6 years older) to them he was "grooming" me, laugh about it now after 7 years together I think those people got the hint!

Good luck in the rest of your PG smile

DaleyBump Mon 02-Sep-13 01:57:21

Hi smile I'm 18 and expecting my little boy in November (27+2) so just a day behind you chillisbopper! Funnily enough, DP and I were planning our wedding before I fell pregnant and it's kind of gone by the wayside now. We've been together for 4 years now and I was so looking forward to getting married but we'll just do it when the wee one is a little bit older smile I'm having visions of my little buy as a page boy in a kilt and it's making me all teary hormonal? Not me, oh no. Congratulations to all of you smile

DaleyBump Mon 02-Sep-13 02:53:42


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