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Area of bleeding on scan 13 weeks

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Hannahlouise4026 Thu 18-Apr-13 18:17:34

Anyone else had this? I went for my scan last week measure 13 weeks everything with baby was fine. The sonographer mentioned that there was an area of bleeding outside the sac which would either re-absorb by my body or would bleed out and be old brown blood. She said as i hadnt had any bleeding so far it was unlikley that i would bleed. She didnt seem worrie at all. Thing is I am totally panicking that it means somehing will go wrong....when I read about it online it says it can increase miscarriage risk and people have been advised bed rest (which I wasn't) she didn't give the bleeding a name but from what I was reading online is i it the same thing as a subchorionic haematoma. I am so confused and worried sad

moanymandy Thu 18-Apr-13 19:19:08

don't have much in tge way if advice for you, but im 14 weeks and had quite a heavy bleed earlier this week. went to hospital and they checked baby and examined my and all was okay but couldn't tell me what caused it.

I've taken the rest of the week off work and trying to put my feet up. Still bleeding now although its brown old blood so guess thats a good sign.
hope all is okay and try to relax and not worry. Although it's easier sais than done I know. take care

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